Review-Power Prospecting System & Daegan Smith

Review-Power Prospecting System & Daegan Smith

Article by Freddie Baumann

There is quite an industry buzz going on about Daegan Smith, the self-proclaimed “king of never calling a single lead” and his Power Prospecting System.

Daegan Smith is a 26-year-old Internet network marketing genius. Here is someone who actually practices what they preach. I have purchased tons of informational type products on real estate, network marketing, and marketing in general. The bottom line is 99% of the products out there will tell you what they do, but not how they do it.

Daegan Smith will go step by step on his training calls on how to do exactly what he is doing to build his Power Prospecting System and his own MLM business as well.

He doesn’t tell you to go do PPC. He will go step by step into the strategies of how write ads, how to select key words, and the mentality and psychology behind the eyes of a prospect.

The bottom line is that everybody will not want to join your particular MLM. However, most people want to know how to build their own MLM. That is where the Power Prospecting System comes into place.

This system markets informational products about building an MLM business and the strategies to create “free” targeted traffic. I was blown away that Daegan divulges so much information for the he charges for his e-book. Along with getting the e-book you also get a month free trail of his Power Prospecting System. This information to me has been worth over 0,000 and has saved me countless hours and $ $ in wasted resources.

As you market your Power Prospecting System and its informational products with your personally branded website, you will be building a list of people that are interested in network marketing. As your e-mails go out to prospects about the informational products they are also getting links to your own personal business opportunity that you are marketing on the back end of this system. It is really genius.

I would recommend that anyone with a network marketing business that is struggling to produce targeted free traffic to their website take a look at his system.

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