Review of GVO Conference

Review of GVO Conference

Article by Carl Willis

GVO Conference is the newest offer by seasoned network marketing leader Joel Therien and his Global Virtual Opportunities team. In this most recent product offering, GVO has taken the platform of their Hot Conference product and given it a comprehensive retooling. The primary goal for this product launch was to produce a tool that would provide the average network marketer the power to harness the virtual potential of the internet for business building purposes generally accomplished through offline methods. The team also set out to provide their conferencing product at a cost well beneath that of their market place competitors.

The final result is the GVO Conference product. A standard conference room can accomodate up to 50 participants at any one time. The room allows video streaming, audio streaming and conference recording. Participants can interact thru audio, video and text chat. In addition, they can also communicate in private with the private messaging feature. The room moderator has a selection of presentation tools that include a web browser, PowerPoint Viewer, video player, white board and desktop sharing. This combination of features and functionality are intended to provide an suitable environment for leading opportunity meetings, team trainings and mastermind sessions.

GVO prides itself on being a global network marketing company that provides home based business opportunities established around virtual products and GVO conference is no exception. Users of the conferencing software package are also enrolled as affiliates into the GVO network marketing program. The back office offers a comprehensive set of marketing tools that can be used by anybody seeking to capitalize on the business opportunity that is being provided by the company. These marketing tools are currently available in 5 languages.

As with any MLM company, the GVO Conference compensation plan is built on a multi-layered system. The compensation plan includes such things as fast start bonuses which occur with the first month on all paid direct referrals. With 2 paid personal referrals an affiliate is eligible to receive compensation 2 levels deep. The affiliate can receive compensation 5 levels deep with 4 paid referrals. Additionally there are matching bonuses on the production of the affiliate’s direct referrals and a bonus pool for the top producers in the company every month.

With an attractive price point and a well designed product, the GVO Conference product will make sense to many online network marketers as both a business building tool and an additional business opportunity. As with any product, the underlying skills of marketing are essential to take full advantage of the product and opportunity.

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GVO Conference offers a great product and opportunity for network marketers. Learn how to effectively promote your GVO Conference business online to make the most of this opportunity.

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