Requiem For A Dream – Electric Violinist – Kate Chruscicka (Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KAYNHS2 says:


  2. megadeth fan says:

    every time i listen to this i look at my pictures of when i got smash`d bye the car and in the end i stand tall and smile…ty so much

  3. niki dupond says:

    very nice 

  4. nkmmd says:

    nice playin
    purple swag

  5. muratt says:

    go fuck yourself. siktir git artık başımdan ibine

  6. albert camus says:

    Hey guys pls report this jerk to youtube and he will lose his account. I already did it. Hey Kate, i know you sometimes read our comments, if you read this idiots(Murat) too, please report him hun..

  7. albert camus says:

    Lan anasi sikismis ibne, niye durduk yere gelip insanlara bulasiyorsun amina kodumun oglu

  8. muratt says:

    anan belli baban elli senin. ALBERT IS A FUCKIN HOMO FISTING HIS ASS

  9. muratt says:

    shut up canadian. ur not funny ur not sarcastic ur just piece of shit

  10. muratt says:

    maybe because ur a wuss

  11. albert camus says:

    Siktir git lan orospu anali.. Nerden buldun lan burayi, amina kodumun cocugu, siktir git lan

  12. Johnny Wishbone says:

    Why would she want a tic tac?

  13. muratt says:

    Sus lan orospu sıcığı sokarım o violini götüne sıktın artık.

  14. muratt says:

    I am a big fan of you too Kate. But that does’t mean that I do not want to put my penis into your vagina.

  15. NoPancaceMix4u says:

    She reminds me of Miranda from Mass Effect for some reason.

  16. albert camus says:

    Siktir git lan burdan orospu cocugu, her yerde angutlugunuzu belli etmeyin, rezil itler

  17. albert camus says:

    I am a big fan of you Kate.. You are amazing. God bless you where you live in. Best regards – Albert

  18. muratt says:

    sanane yarraaam nikahınamı alacan karıyı

  19. muratt says:

    ben de senin ananı avradını tüm dişi akrabalarını sikeyim ozaman. I will let my dog to fuck your female relatives.

  20. albert camus says:

    szarpniecia murat.. przepraszam, zycze dalszych sukcesow

  21. albert camus says:

    Murat terbiyesizlik yapma lan çakal. Sorry kate for this idiot. izvinite.. ne znayet, chto on govorit

  22. Lyricsduudeful says:

    she’s playing violin like it’s the easiest thing on earth o: BEAUTIFUL!

  23. nikos agf says:

    amazing girl !!!!

  24. muratt says:

    suck my dick while playin bitch

  25. TekGercekcArsi says:

    mgjmp .com /inv/s5722y6r71nastd1

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