Relentless: The Global Formula Racing Pursuit of Perfection

This documentary chronicles a year in the life of Global Formula Racing Team. Made up of students in a multinational partnership who design and build formula cars for an extremely competitive…
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  1. Eric Stoller says:

    Sweet video…really well done!

  2. ws6transam84 says:

    Wow, FSAE has come a long way but the passion is still just as intense. It
    looks like the quality of the vehicle, the engineering, fundraising,
    testing & marketing is so much better now. I have very fond memories of my
    time in FSAE back in early 90’s when all of us, at all of the universities
    were just starting to figure it out. Great work on the car and on this
    terrific documentary. Thanks for sharing and best of luck for your upcoming
    competition! -D. Burk, Michigan State, FSAE ’93-’95

  3. Chris Patton says:

    I think it was meant as two separate statements: 1) Wings do work 2)
    Winning AutoX for the second year in a row. but they ended up blended

  4. Oregon State University says:

    You are right it really does lack in that area. We developed this with the
    general public audience in mind. We wanted to gain awareness and support
    from people who have never heard of or don’t know much about FSAE at
    universities. Shed light on an industry that doesn’t get a ton of attention
    in traditional higher education. If we are fortunate enough hopefully we
    can work on future projects that really get into the tech that goes into
    these projects.

  5. go2405 says:

    Great video guys, and congratulations on a great year. Also thanks for the
    Cardiff Racing inclusion.

  6. gripracer says:

    thanks for taking the time to consider my thoughts.

  7. mario4817 says:

    This is my Dream to be a part of this

  8. KA-RaceIng says:

    Congrats guys!

  9. LUMotorsport says:

    great video and congratulations, the video really shows what all the teams
    feel about FSAE, also thanks for the surprise cameo at 23:39, see you at
    the events this year

  10. redbulldreams says:

    Is this video also made by students?

  11. Marshall H says:

    Amazing car. Congrats guys!

  12. MartyFSAE says:

    27:24 “Wings do work for the second year in a row” I’m guessing he’s
    referring to Monash? 😉

  13. weaponologist1121 says:

    whose car is at 18:21 ?

  14. Oregon State University says:

    It was primarily done by a university staff member. Students helped with a
    lot of the motion graphics.

  15. gripracer says:

    i’m really disappointed that there wasnt an in-depth tech analysis of the
    car. your audience is not regular people, its enthusiasts who want to know
    about these things. the human aspect of the story is good and i’m happy for
    the team, but this video fell short.

  16. Eduardo Barboza says:

    Great car! Great video!

  17. Stephen Krug says:

    Sound @ 19:55 Wheel speed sensors and computer working overtime.

  18. Tim A. says:

    Video was too light on sexy technical details…

  19. Stitch216 says:

    Fantastic video, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. EHtube says:

    Good production

  21. Tim Sherman says:

    keep trying

  22. Thomas W says:

    Nice documentary. AMZ novena 18:26

  23. Stephen Krug says:

    Sound @ 19:55 Wheel speed sensors and computer working overtime.

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