Reign of Kings — First Impressions — Part 1 — Meet the King!

Cheap Video Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/PsiSyndicate DESCRIPTION An early access game with a bit of a spice, Reign of Kings is described by its developers, Code}{atch, as a mix of Rust and…

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  1. PsiSyndicate says:

    Sorry if the quality is slightly meh, had to use OBS to record, same with
    the audio, but ya know, you can still hear me, and you can still see stuff,
    so it’s fine right? Either way, video game is cool, tell me what you boys

    I uploaded 3 videos today, so go watch them so that I can regain my

  2. Toxiic cBeeaR says:

    Yo my dad said i couldn’t buy this game because I have to pay for college,
    so here’s a poem.
    syndicate syndicate
    strong and wise
    hes so much better
    than all the guys
    the girls all love him
    they say hes slick
    but really they just want to touch one of those giveaway keys, those whores.
    But so do I.
    so make my day
    wont you psi?

  3. Kojo Forever says:

    Hey b0ss gimme da beta key pls

  4. Harrison Kelley says:

    Once upon a time there was a bastard boy named Harold. Prophecies tell that
    he would be the one to defeat the cruel tyrant ruling over the lands. But
    Harold was severely abused by his captors in the orphanage. One day Harold
    ran away from his captors. He lived in an abandoned throne room under the
    kings palace. He was content with his life until he found a secret locked
    door behind a pile of cobblestone. The door was made of hardened steel and
    was impossible to get into. Harold noticed a shimmering gold aura coming
    from the key hole of the door… Later that week Harolds food supplies
    dried up and he became very hungry. HE figured the only way he would
    survive to fulfill the prophecies would be to find the key to the
    mysterious door. Harold searched non stop for weeks with no avail. He asked
    shopkeepers and sneaked into the king’s barracks but still no key. By this
    point Harold was starving and weak. PsiSyndicate, don’t let the people of
    Valernthous down. We know you have the key. Please give it to Harold (me)
    so he can survive to defeat the oppression restore order to the lands. 

  5. Christopher M says:

    Love you lew lew, pls rub on my dick.

  6. ivLarryTF says:

    Psi, thank god your back !!!

  7. Scott Herbert says:

    psi psi psi i would love to have this game because i don’t have many
    already and don’t have money to spend on games but I would love to have

  8. Ben Dover says:

    Yes I watched your video…. I also don’t need a msg telling me what I

    Just for that, I will never watch a video again

  9. GamingGuy5 says:

    Reminds me of Mount and Blade. Sort of.

  10. Tactical Redneck says:

    Lew lew have you ever wanted a game sold good cs go skins only to be one
    motherfuckin cent off with a market ban!!!!! Please donate a key to me

  11. Josh Shacklock says:

    That yank saying mate hurts everytime xD

  12. General Honey Badger says:

    This game looks sweet it would be even better if there was a good diplomacy
    like lordship, giving lands and money to stop fighting that would be really

  13. Anal Serenity says:

    Meh, I don’t have too high hopes about the 1-5 odds of getting a key, but I
    guess it’s worth a shot.

  14. FrontLine Pownerz says:

    Psisyndicate i really want the key! Because it looks pretty fun. There is
    no other reason i got to get a key but its still fun and that is the point!
    Please can i get one. :)

  15. Kyle Basham says:

    Finally! He returns to YT, stop the twitch streaming .. Its better to watch
    your YT videos.

  16. Jake Vaes says:

    I want the Key 😀 all my friends have it except me

  17. Luke Allan says:

    I just bought a gaming pc, this would be an epic game to play! Especially
    for what I have :)

  18. Jairo Kooistra says:

    Nice vid I want the game if i don’t get the key I wil buy it meself 

  19. madmike30 says:

    I want a key for the game but I don’t need one its ur Choice to pick to
    give me one or not. Thx for reading this.

  20. Thyessa Taylor says:

    great video

  21. TOBY WHITE says:

    Door thanks for the revuie

  22. Menno Schouten says:

    i’m really interested in this game, i’m hoping to play it but money is a
    small problem, i really hope to gain the key and maybe play along with you

  23. Ben Allen says:

    From a fellow North – Easterner, keep up the good work mate!

  24. holyburritoimmexican says:

    gib me random key sniydicatea

  25. Brandon Wilson says:

    I’d really love this game. I’d greatly appreciated if you game me the key.
    And please post more

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