Redbull Wings Academy – Farang in Frankfurt

Buy Farang Clothing: http://www.farangclothing.com/de/shop/ Redbull invited 20 kids from around Germany to Frankfurt to hang out with Team Farang for 3 epic …
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  1. Cory DeMeyers says:

    Thanks for having us boy ! So much fun kicking it with you dudes, always 😀

  2. [G]resli says:

    Pleeeeeeaaaaassseee come to bern in switzerland!! It would make me sooo

  3. Shaun Wood says:

    This was such a great event and I really hope we get to hold more of these
    in the future!

  4. Jonathan Henrichs von birhd says:

    New video from Redbull Wings Academy Frankfurt!

  5. Theochariti Parkour says:

    Kann mir jemand sagen wo die Halle ist Adresse und so?Und ob man da
    hingehen und trainieren kann? Danke schonmal

  6. SliceableRabbit says:


  7. Ivo Augustin Parkour says:

    OLLO+Jesse La Flair+Cory DeMeyers=FREERUNNNING

  8. teamfarang says:

    New video from Redbull Wings Academy Frankfurt!

  9. X-Phenix says:

    Cant u come to oman guys I am training for freerunning alone and parkour no
    gyms no nothing so would be happy if i could train with u :D

  10. Mark Modimola says:

    Great video guys! It’s awesome to see you guys giving the youth some
    knowledge yo! :)

  11. Deniz remzi says:

    damnn .. does anyone know the first track ? :X btw.. SICKKK .. ;xx 

  12. Jonas Nußbaum says:

    Ich War in den letzten tagen auch an den gleichen stellen und habe so
    gehofft euch zu treffen aber habe nicht mal ansatzweise freerunner gesehen
    Ich wusste das ihr in frankfurt seid aber habe euch leider nicht gesehen.

  13. Reef Budrow says:

    This is why you guys are the best team around, you keep the next generation
    of freerunners motivated to try there hardest and become at the level you
    guys are at, I’ve shown my fellow classmates and teachers at school your
    videos because the mix of amazing music and the art of movement Definetly
    shows them that this is the next generation of sports, I’m the only
    freerunner at school and people always refer me to try moves in your videos
    lol cause they know you guys are a bunch of amazing athletes and you
    inspire me and everyone who watches your videos to go out and train harder,
    you guys give a perfect example of how freerunning should be and that is
    having fun and finding out more about yours and others limits, physically
    and mentally. :)

  14. Flying Limits Parkour says:

    I hope that I can see and train with theese guys one day…..

  15. maruf shojjib says:

    i wish i could train with u guys but im in the UK :

  16. Johnny Elson [ಠ_ಠ] says:

    I’m curious, is there a leader in Farang (if so is it Anan?) or are you all
    just your own leader/boss lol. And also who were the first members in
    Farang? If you replied that would make my day :D

  17. Greg Lewis says:

    You guys have to come to Western Australia the freerunning community is
    pretty big especially in Perth.

  18. Charlie Repp says:

    First song is Out of Time – Mista Cavi but its not on youtube or anywhere
    else except amazon

  19. Jj Adkins says:

    I know you don’t care, but me and my friend bailey have been training in
    his back yard for two years and all we use are walls and the ground, if you
    respond please let it be that you are coming to help us learn new tricks,
    I just learned a wall backflip the other day, after numerous tries, and I
    can already do front and side flips on flat ground, we are HUGE fans of
    yours and our one wish is to meet you and just go for a run, even if we
    meet like halfway somewhere, I would probably cry id be so happy, please
    team farang, you guys are our heros, and we love what you guys do, please
    resond, love: the two aces

  20. TeamIcarus says:

    and I wasn’t there :(

  21. Spike Spikey says:

    Damn i want one of those “SKILLS” tanktops.. :(

  22. Naphong Oum'zt says:

    I like farang ♡`

  23. นัฐพล ล้อมวง says:

    Very very good 

  24. Gabriel Gattringer says:

    #redbullwingsacadamy – a #freerunning workshop with #jasonpaul and Team
    Farang (Anan Anwar, Pasha Petkuns, Shaun Wood, Jesse La Flair, Cory
    Demeyers) in Frankfurt, germany! 

  25. Rabbit HopR says:

    That looks like so much fun. I wanna go there with them.

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