Red Carpet : Conversation with PISSASU man MYSSKIN | IndiaGlitz New Show with Sreedhar Pillai

With a view to reach out to its cinema thirsty fans in more elaborate way, IndiaGlitz is coming up with an incredible and reliable segment. Joining hands for…
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  1. Avi NasH says:

    IndiaGlitz Tamil movies – Then y tis this interview is in English ?? Tamil
    la interview panunga…. Tamil cinema , tamil people , tamil viewers, tamil
    channel daane ..!>???? olunga tamil la panunga… Kevalam ah iruku english
    la :/

  2. Venkatadri Raghunathan says:

    “Pisaasooo” LOL Mr Sreedhar Pillai neenga Thamizh dhane? Yen ipdi
    kollareenga? That apart, the concept of the show is very nice and casual.

  3. Ramakrishnan N Rajalakshmi says:

    Good vocabulary base

  4. Jinil K Sreejayan says:

    Great and unusual style of interviewing. Could have been a 30 mnts show :)

  5. fcp shan says:

    Tamil Film Director’s Interview in English. So sad but welcome Mr.Sreedhar
    Pillai onscreen

  6. Laksh Manan says:

    Good interview all the best sir 🙂
    Looking forward to upcoming also 🙂 

  7. Kani says:

    Really appreciate this new show by Mr.Sri. But my strong condemns for made
    the interview in English. It MUST be in Proud TAMIL.

  8. alagappankasi says:

    Do it in tamil

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