Recruitment Software for Midsize Companies

Recruitment Software for Midsize Companies

Article by Nitin Shimpi

Recruitment is an important process in a lot of midsize companies who are still in the growth phase. Hiring us a constant process as there is always a need for manpower in such companies. The amount of open positions makes it even more difficult for the HR team to work on positions and keep a track of everything that takes place in the process. There may be a lot of loopholes that causes recruiter inefficiency and that often go unnoticed. Automating recruitment is probably the only way such loopholes can be identified and fixed in order to ensure that your HR team achieves targets and fills up positions quickly.

So how exactly does recruitment software help midsize companies automate recruitment?

Recruitment AutomationRecruitment software takes care of various aspects of the recruitment process like scheduling interviews, providing feedback and candidate status updates. This eliminates the possibility of losing out on good candidates.

Centralized Resume DatabaseRecruitment software provides a centralized database that can be accessed by all recruiters. Its advanced search options allow easy sourcing of relevant resumes based on the job positions and skills required. It eliminates resume duplication and makes sure that the database remains clean. This also helps avoid contacting the same candidate over and over again and thus saves recruiters time.

Productivity ToolsRecruitment software offers various productivity tools like resume parser, interview scheduler, CRM tools and to-do-lists. These tools help recruiters save considerable time and they can also get done with mundane tasks faster. Their focus is thus more on sourcing and getting on board quality talent.

Communication Made EasierRecruitment software provides an integrated platform for candidates, recruiters and clients to co-ordinate. So, there is no room left for any kind of miscommunication between the various stakeholders of the recruitment process.

Virtual Bench of CandidatesThe recruitment software can help you create and maintain a virtual bench of candidates wherein you can easily source candidates who were sourced previously and now can be recruited for a particular opening. The PR module offered by the software ensures that you are in constant touch with the candidates.

Auto Updation of ResumesCandidate resumes can be kept up-to-date by having recruitment software in place. The software automatically updates key information of candidates so that it can deliver the most relevant resumes.

ReportsWith a recruitment software, you can get reports on effectiveness of sources that you make use of while importing resumes. Using this, you can analyze the most effective source providing you with talented candidates and you can work towards leveraging this source to the maximum to meet your hiring targets.

So recruitment software for midsize companies is the answer to all of your recruitment woes. From sourcing of candidates to scheduling their interviews until they are finally made an offer, everything is taken care of with one simple, easy-to-use application. All you got to do is deploy the software and enjoy its benefits thereafter.

About the Author

Nitin Shimpi is the co-founder of Nitman Software, provides organizational leadership and directs all aspects of the company’s day to day operations. Nitman offers applicant tracking system or Recruitment Software like Talentpool and Talentscout for large, small and midsize companies.

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