—- [ READ IMP ] —– GFX: (Send us a YT message Containing your RC + a link) You can choose from: -Speed art – Progression – New Improved Logo (New creation) – Photo Manipulation This all needs to contain the Logo of iNFaMe it doesn’t matter what kind of progression it is. Partner background, Logo, Manipulation etc. Logo Download link: www.gamefront.com PLAYERS (XBOX & PS3): (Post a Video Response) Clantag: 1F32 (MUST HAVE) Only Clips with Assigned Clantag Strictly No Hacks No Feeds Edited or Unedited This wont effect your results we look at style, quality and originality. The more clips you get the better. Recruiting all over the world. If you edit your RC video, We Insist you use Non copyright music. If you dont own a PVR then make sure you have Match Bonus or XP Bar shown in killcams. EDITOR: (Send us a YT message Containing your RC + a link) Use 5 Clips Only! Be Original Be Creative Do not overuse effects, effects that has been used alot or effects you are going to use alot. Do your best and make it your way. UNCOPYRIGHT Music only. Use all the clips (trickshots & Feeds) Clips for Editors RC: www.mediafire.com OR www.mediafire.com For more information you can always ask me (iF_PRFCT) Skype: sindre.kerlefsen or Luke (iF_Vxlpz) Skype: itwiisthd We are always available on skype. (Spamming/Unsulting will result into a Block + Delete) Song: Hi-Rez – Type Of Guy ______________________________________________ Support The Artist(s) Hi-Rez : www.facebook.com twitter.com

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No ping yet

  1. xQwarl says:

    iF Qwrl that sounds nice

  2. zArtistiq says:

    Check out my RC GFX Entry<3

  3. BennsGFX says:

    Check out Mine Spent A While On It

  4. ZeighGraphics says:

    Made the Speed-Art for Recruitment challenge! Its an Partnership Youtube background 😉 Hope i get in

  5. PegoHD says:

    Part1 out ;D

  6. TickDzn says:

    Everybody please check out my response!!!

  7. ImJuntti says:

    Use 5 Clips Only!……..Use all the clips (trickshots & Feeds) o.0 o.0 o.0 ??

  8. triixieee says:

    i just made the Link editing RC can i just post that it was uploaded yesterday

  9. ArtisticBolt says:

    Can you approved my RC ?

  10. ohExorz says:

    Can we put hitmarkers in it?

  11. ImGPRS says:

    Feeds Clan tag, the same?

  12. KeepOnPoring says:

    can i just send you the link to my portfolio because i cnt upload my speedart ?

  13. TehZeroGFX says:

    I MAde an Entry plzz check it out on my channel and comment what u think

  14. ArtisticBolt says:

    Can you see my RC GFX entry plz ? <3

  15. xTheTapZ says:


  16. TheKushDZN says:

    y0 i posted a response please approve ? 🙂

  17. ImBladezz says:

    Going for this!!!

  18. KoalityArts says:

    Hey iF i have no speedart cause my camtasia failed but i madeSICKEST BG ! swore 🙂
    Pls check out my portfolio – thx ;o
    -SeaK Koala

  19. TheBrookeHD says:

    where should i send in the clips?

  20. QuickScoPS3 says:

    I’m in, GFX!!! watch my IF RC vid!

  21. KoalityArts says:

    I made really sick Bg and then my camtasia failed – so i have no Speedart but maybe pls check out my Portfolio and watch The iF Bg and others if interested Thx 🙂

    -SeaK Koala

  22. ShiiFtZy says:

    Thansk! 😉 havent hitted but got like 11-16 kills in every match lol 😉

  23. CodActions says:

    My friend bet me 100 dollars that i wouldn’t show my boobs at 0.1k..
    I Hope he’s gonna loose 100 dollars soon :b

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