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  1. Tigersfan829 says:

    The crazy thing is 7 of these guys aren’t coaching there anymore

  2. bigkanish3 says:


  3. grpais says:

    “Come to Penn State!!” RIP Joe Pa

  4. smithyamiami says:

    @4IcyHot You’re a fresh prick.

  5. muthalicka5 says:

    @4IcyHot no fuck you

  6. 4IcyHot says:

    1 Child Pedo. supporting piece of Shit down 1 more to go… Fuck Penn St.!!!

  7. drwhat99 says:

    Say what you will about the latest scandal, JoePa deserves respect in his death. He was a great man who did a lot of great things for a lot of people. Even if you imagine the worst about him, which has all been proved to be untrue, he still deserves respect in his death for the good things he has done. The world is absolutely a measurably better place for having him around.

  8. callmefonz says:

    This morning we lost a legend. Rest easy, Joe Pa.

  9. wildpyro910 says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see you responded. McQueary said JoePa told him to go to the police, but he was too afraid because Sandusky was a family friend. JoePa reported to Shultz who is the administrative head of the campus police force, and PSU is legally it’s own community meaning it’s a real police force and not rent-a-cops… So Schultz was an appropriate authority to report too. Supposedly JoePa was told 2002 that the issue was resolved, but prosecutors have asked him not to talk about it.

  10. A86 says:

    @DMWestWoodElite – Exactly. Or at least he did so through neglect. Fuck all the fanboys and true believers defending him just because they’re students, alumni or fans of Penn State football.

  11. rollercoasterfweak says:

    It’s crazy to think 6 of the guys in this commercial were dismissed in the calendar years of
    2010-2011.. Tressel, Zook, Joe Pa, R-Rod, Lynch and Brewster. Sure coaches don’t last forever… but so many of them gone in a short span, crazy!

  12. bjimzable says:

    haha…. Tressel, Zook, Joe Pa, Rich Rod…

  13. demigod2324 says:

    I would love to know how many of the people criticizing Penn State for this are Catholic! They have no room to talk at all, there was ONE sick man at PSU that did the crimes and they jump all over it but by god(pun intended) they stand by their beloved Pope and church when they continually cover up child molestation for the better part of 30 years!

  14. DMWestWoodElite says:

    @PiRaTeBoY856 He covered up a child rapist.

  15. tigre15WI says:

    I wish Joe Pa coached at Wisconsin all those years. We’d be national champions so many times!

  16. nittanynation says:

    @IronChefChopChop it’s “we’re linebacker u” buddy

  17. RobSpringer85141 says:

    Joe Pa just took a dump on your couch at the end there..

  18. tcmturner says:


  19. Yolktern1 says:

    @2666rb Actually YOU sir are the one who is incorrect. Your statements are FACTUAL statements; however, what everyone is making here are mere allegations of what they THINK Paterno was told. The grand jury testimony only stated that the graduate assistant told him he saw “something that made him uncomfortable” or something to that effect. So yes, if you know something that the grand jury doesn’t then you are all knowing and SHOULD call the police (and give me the lotto numbers).

  20. pattypat13 says:

    @BrenMcCloud If only you knew 

  21. michna02 says:

    @PiRaTeBoY856 I could not agree with you more

  22. PiRaTeBoY856 says:

    Too bad the fired Joe Pa…… he didn’t deserve to go like that

  23. 2666rb says:

    He was never told the issue was resolved nor did he tell anyone else to go to the police. Where do you pull this stuff from? He also knew of the incident in 1998, so when you hear of something similar happening again, in your locker room, the most sensible thing is to go straight to the police.

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