Recruiting Sevices: Athletes Getting EXPOSURE or EXPOSED?

This Ben Kalb Award winning piece covers the topic of college football recruiting services and websites, and used a variety of perspectives to detail the impact these services have had on college athletics in the past decade. Interviews from Duck Sports Authority operator AJ Jacobson, UO Offensive Line Coach Steve Greatwood, UO Assistant AD James Harris, UO Sophomore Center Karrington Armstrong, and Duck Fanatic Jared Sawyer come together to give a great variety of perspectives on the controversial topic. This piece was created in 2 days for the 2011 Summer Sports Media Workshop by Nick Cody, Matthew Lerman, and Lacey Romp, and won an award for its composition, story-telling, and its impact.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JKM070 says:

    @thejaredsawyer >> Great Job Jared Sawyer … ‘ Go Ducks ‘ Roll Tide “

  2. mobush35 says:

    Good Job Nick… Very Informative!!!

  3. thejaredsawyer says:

    @debo4685 Hi, I’m the blonde “kid” lol

  4. debo4685 says:

    Sorry meant to say I like it

  5. debo4685 says:

    Good job! Whose the blonde kid? I heard he has a video blog and is helping with a new duck anthem

  6. thejaredsawyer says:

    Great Job Nick!

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