Recruit Top Producers with SPQ Gold

Recruit Top Producers with SPQ Gold

Article by Richard Bonn

When you set out to hire the right candidates for your company, you would have noticed from your past experience that image projected by the resumes of prospective candidates can be far from the actual capabilities of the candidate. What people say in the interviews often do not give us the 100% right picture about the candidates. In this situation, we end up hiring our sales force and other team members on trial and basis. Such an approach can lead to a tremendous loss to the company. It will also waste a lot of time, energy and resources in getting the right team in place.

It has always been a major problem for the recruiters to recruit top producers. Even those whom we think will be an excellent fit seem to prove our assessment wrong. The entire corporate world is going through a specific experience that we have not faced in the past. If we need to keep ourselves afloat during these difficult situations, we need to have the right tools to recruit top producers without wasting time.

SPQ Gold comes as a miracle tool that help recruiters recruit top producers more confidently. We do not have to run the show on trial and error basis. When it comes to recruiting the top producers, it is not enough to be fast, but the solution that we use to select the right team should be accurate and reliable with the results. If it is not reliable, then it would not have changed the situation in any way. We would have moved from one level of uncertainty to the other level. SPQ Gold on the other hand is a brilliant solution that works every time and outcome is accurate.

SPQ Gold Recruit Top Producers testing allows online personality testing and pre-employment testing tools. This is the only psychometric tool so far that is capable of assessing the sales call reluctance of your sales team. When you use this tool you can hire top producers in a highly cost-effective way without having to run expensive assessment tests.

You will be able to assess your employees skill levels as well as their behavior pattern especially during times of stressful situations. By running SPQ Gold assessments, you can easily find the candidates that will match your companys requirements and those that would not. The second aspect is to retain the hired top producers. SPQ Gold provides you with best solutions that will help you identify top producers and thereby helping you take necessary decisions to retain them with your organization for a longer time without losing them.

Recruit top producers assessments can be taken online and you will be able to get accurate employee evaluation reports. SPQ Gold assessment tools also include personality tests and aptitude testing. Therefore, it is one of the most comprehensive recruitment solution for companies that are interested in hiring the top producers.

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For more information on SPQ Gold assessment, please visit http://www.recruittopproducers.com

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