RealLife – A New Social Network

Social networks are stupid and Google+ is pointless so I invented a new network. It’s called RealLife. I’m a musician by the way, you can listen to my music for free at alexdaymusic.com

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  1. shoSHNAZZYdood says:

    Hahahahhahah. It’s funny because the RealLife social network is like real life. Ohh, the irony.

  2. MillieAndStacey says:

    Every one takes the piss because i don’t have as much friends as them on facebook. Alex is right, it is a load of bollocks.

  3. HyperFyper says:

    Hey everybody, people may read this, maybe they won’t, well I love to make YouTube videos. So I was wondering would you mind helping me chase my dream of hitting a break and getting big? It would mean the WORLD to me if you went on my channel, and liked a video, or favourited, or subbed, orο»Ώ even just watch just one video. Thank you for your time. πŸ™‚

  4. detournesol says:

    Totally agree with you Alex, all my friends know that if I don’t like someone in real life I sure as heck ain’t adding that person on Facebook. They think it’s “bold” that I’m like this.

  5. PaulaMangano says:

    I feel like I’m watching my own thoughts: the world needs more bastards.

  6. xheyilikeyourface says:

    You really like that Fucking shirt, don’t you?

  7. cookiesoysters says:

    thanks πŸ™‚ after watching this i just went through my friends list and i was surprised at how many people i didnt remember…so i unfriended them. i guess i could just start a new account but im lazy. πŸ™‚

  8. JibertyKataangisLove says:

    This is why I wish I lived before these social networks were popular. You had me fooled Alex, I seriously for like a couple seconds thought you had really created a website called RealLife… No need to point it out, I am a fool. P: it could happen!

  9. hyperpirates says:

    omg omg I hav tht wall sticker πŸ˜€

  10. CrystalMeth031 says:

    Hi everyone. Can you guys please check out my vids? Id really appreciate it! (:

  11. aburger9009 says:


  12. snailbacon says:

    I like Facebook. Facebook itself is not a bad thing, people just misuse it and then complain about it. For example, if someone’s posts annoy me, I delete them from my newsfeed. And Facebook can make communication with certain people easier. Like if I don’t know someone well enough to have their phone number, but I need to ask them a question about, say, homework or something, I can ask them really easily and they can respond whenever they have time to do so.

  13. lepetitecygne says:

    @webcam224 he’s just joking πŸ™‚

  14. CobraDemon24 says:

    Love the sudden light change. xD

  15. SkullJoke90 says:

    10 actual friends and maybe 100 – 120 acquaintances is my Real Life status!

    Fuck facebook, deleted mine like a year ago…i don’t have 330 friends and about 95% of those 330 ppl are complete pricks .

  16. silverscale616 says:

    This annoying girl once was like, “How many facebook friends do you have? I bet I have more than you!” and in my head, I was like, “That because you add everyone you ever fucking passed in the hall, and I add my friends. Did you notice we’re not friends, by the way?”

  17. webcam224 says:

    Cancelled? What does that mean? By fox? this is freaking YouTube… What the fuck?? DVD’s?? I don’t understand anything??

  18. arie0dreamer says:

    I completely agree with your comment of course but I’m actually writing this comment in reply as I’m thrilled to find another person who uses the word nonce. It’s a brilliant word and should be used more often.

  19. VeryWittyName says:

    @berren86 I remember the time before that, where Nerimon just ranted. And then I remember after that everyone getting pissed at him for not continuing to do that.

  20. SmileyIfSinging says:

    FOX CANCELS EVERTHING I LOVE! D: Arrested Development, Firefly… jerks.

  21. SmileyIfSinging says:

    Google+ is so ridiculous.

  22. xXJustMex3Xx says:

    Hehe, I’d just descover there is a newer vid πŸ˜€ that meens this wasn’t the last one and now I can put my happyface back on :3

  23. xXJustMex3Xx says:

    But…no… You, you can’t do that! You bastard D: you can’t just stop making vids! ;__;

  24. iam4ndr3wo says:

    The sun went out :O

  25. Procrastinating80 says:

    This just made my birthday a tiny bit sadder. :'(

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