Real People DO Cry…

www.KatieFreiling.com Emotional release is one of the most transformational and healing practices you can ever do. In this video, I share my own experiences with releasing emotion and how to use this as a tool for inviting more love and peace into your life.
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  1. 3877michael says:

    Good stuff. Go directly into your pain. Not only cry but feel what ever comes up.

  2. Stabulnieks says:

    I replace cry with the music.Place the pain in music.

  3. Jared Knowlton says:

    Thanks Katie!…I went though a similar journey in my life…

  4. ASimpleGuideMDcom says:

    Thanks for this Anneli this is very Beautiful and staright to the point.
    Love, Steve

  5. ASimpleGuideMDcom says:

    Thanks Katie, this is great and it really inspires me. With working on myself with lots of things I have learned from my mentors I have learned to feel and let go. Thanks for letting me peel away another lair of who I/WE truly are.

  6. 000000DJ says:

    yeah i have a problem crying. my aunt just die from cancer yesrtday. I feel bad that she died. but i can’t cry. i don’t understand why.

  7. MsSecretVoice says:

    great vid, and thankks, really needed to hear that.

    ps. i started crying in the middle of the video…. 😮

  8. bridgetshort says:

    This is a great video Katie…..
    wanting to watch it for a while especially since I broke down crying on the phone with JB, anyhow….I obviously was not allowing release.

    I just want to give a shout out warning to anyone watching this. IF you don’t listen to Katie and do as she suggests there will be a point at which you can no longer keep it all in, when that timebomb will go off, will it be embarrasing, awkward?

    don’t wait for your emotions to time bomb you! Be sensitive to them.

  9. tapintopotential says:

    Some are very uncomfortable spending time with themselves without talking or thinking. But once you are aware and within…. the unthinkable will happen for you.

  10. tonyc200708 says:

    Thank you so much Katie. Great message indeed.

    We deal with so much going in the world lately and also when someone close to you leaves the earth to a higher plane in the universe, we have so pain and anger build up inside us, that we need to cry to let all that pain out of our bodies, so the true nature (which is our souls )can feel better and free…believe that.


  11. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    great video and message! the process is even faster if you join with someone else while you feel your emotions, all miracles involve minds that join. Intimacy can heal anything…

  12. LeadersCare says:

    Yes! I’m watching someone else who understands. In my understanding, emotion and psychology are both the offspring of Intuition = our true, natural gift. Thank you for making this video.

    Jennifer Korol

  13. AnneliBT says:


  14. amyjopru says:

    Thank you Katie. Something i needed to hear!

  15. dcsterlin says:

    love & light my friend

  16. owl4man says:


  17. networkmarketingedge says:

    It really is as simple as you just stated. But, for most of us, it might be more of journey.

    We use drugs, alchocol, TV, intimate relationships, food, drama, work and other “negative” relationships to hide from our own pain.

    I’m a 47 year old guy. Here is a hint for y’all –> to the degree that you are resistant or dismissive of Katie’s invitation to “cry” and “release” is the degree to which she actually is talking to you.

    I’ve also used yoga and The Hoffman Process.

    Teddy Herzog

  18. djsuperstar717 says:

    i agree, the only time i ever feel pain is when im feeling disconnected;
    but im not really the cry type tho…

  19. surf20 says:

    That’s right, Katie. Straight into the pain.
    I have been having this feeling of you ignoring me ever since since I send my first direct message to you, . Why ? I’m not quite aligned with you ? My mind still want to hold on to it unit it is resolved.

    I have discovered that crying is a way of the body to release negative emotions in order to feel better again. If you notice it closely. It is not you who cries, it is the body that cries. It is an energy or vibration mechanism.


  20. Tremorz66 says:


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