RE: Empower Network Is A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

This video is in response to Ethan Vanderbuilt and his comments on Empower Network. I don’t know him, so I have no reason whatsoever to show disrespect, so I sincerely hope you understand my…
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  1. Thank you. This guy really needs his brain rearranged for all of his “scam”
    videos. You gave so much clarification on EN but of course you still have
    all these boneheaded fools who know NOTHING about EN still dropping troll
    comments here talking “scam” “scam” “scam”. All you idiots posting that
    crap on here just sound like “spam” “spam” “SPAM”! Get a fucking life.

  2. Jason– You do it with style… This guy was such a clown since he doesn’t
    know whats inside the 15k formula!.. Not to mention, this idiot didn’t
    even buy the product to know or judge it… Like you EMPOWER NETWORK PAYS
    TO PEOPLE THAT consistently take action… Period. 

  3. Empower network is a scam. Empower network has a D rating with the better
    business bureau and has had over 100 complaints filed against it. If you go
    to the FBI’s website Empower network fits exactly under their description
    of a pyramid scheme. Also I find it very hard to believe you could not find
    a job for two years. I lost my job last month and it took me two weeks to
    find a new one. Sure it’s not exactly what I’d like to be doing but it pays
    the bills and it is a lot better than taking part in a pyramid scheme that
    is called the empower network.

  4. Q: Do you not pay for traffic.? What resources have you used? (very
    interested to know)

    Nicely done Jason! I believe that EN is 10 years a head of there time.
    Like Microsoft, Dot Com, we are in on the ground floor. I’m in it about a
    month now and have not broke the ice yet but I have been structuring my 5
    platforms, and I know that I will be making money very soon. You had said
    that Ethan had not even been a part of EN, If that’s true then I think that
    if you look deep enough at Ethan that he is just trying to draw those
    people to a site or his Buss. and down that line he will show them his
    Squeeze page.

    Dave $ Dave want to turn this Market upside down on it’s head By doing
    something so out of the box that it revolutionizes this Industry and I
    believe that they are well on there way. To Quote Dave Sharp “Folks this is
    a revolution come join our revolution”

  5. What is the product you sell when you are in empower network? It doesn’t
    seem to me you are selling anything? Except commissions to each other?

  6. fucking idiot,if making money is that so easy everyone will make money in
    BIM,,,fucking moron it will take time,,,work your butt off,results will
    come.if BIM is a SCAM you would not make any penny.fuck off.

  7. Great job bro! Video is awesome. There is something interesting I’ve found
    between the leaders in EN and other companies versus the hate mongers who
    always claim to only be doing this to help people and show them some sort
    of truth… The truth is, a real leader with good intentions in their
    heart never gossip, write about others in blogs calling them names and
    accusing them of being a scam. Real leaders who have good intentions never
    waste their time making BS “warning” videos trying to convince the world
    that they are right and that “so and so” is a thief or scammer. Real
    leaders are speaking positive, trying to motivate and inspire people to
    believe in themselves. After watching one of Ethan’s videos, I didn’t feel
    inspired. I didn’t feel motivated and it was depressing to watch. The
    opposite happens when I watch Tony Rush or Vick or Dave and Dave. These
    people actually make me feel like I can do anything. I now make money
    online BECAUSE of them.
    I don’t know about anyone else but, I would rather be inspired than
    depressed. So the basic question comes down to, why are these haters
    concentrating so hard on swaying peoples decisions when they clearly have
    nothing to offer. Is this some noble crusade? Highly doubt that is the
    case. People who have bad intentions always are questioning the intentions
    of others.
    Instead, why not just focus that hate energy into a better more noble
    cause. Stop creating crap and fear and hate in the world and instead, focus
    on actually helping one person a day.
    Nobody wants to follow a broke, pittiful angry hateful person who can’t
    seem to come up with a justified accurate answer other than”it’s a scam”.
    Prove it is a scam and stop the “just because” bs routine. It’s amateur
    talk and it makes you look stupid beyond belief. You can look it up, EN has
    the solid proof the system works, it’s documented. Fear and ignorance
    accompanied by ego will keep you broke guaranteed.

  8. This is without a doubt an AWESOME rebuttal-video with thought and style. I
    did not rebut him that much but just posted an EN-video in my channel as
    well. Why I left the EN and the hole sage. But I loved this video for sure.

  9. I found that Ethan Vanderbuilt from his personal blog does videos saying
    its scam to a lot of marketing companies. MLM, internet marketing etc. I
    found him talkin ish about WorldVentures lol.

  10. Oh gawd, another ‘woe is me’ sad story. Greatest way to defend your company
    is to display yourself as a bitch.

  11. As for EN, you’re not selling a real product, you’re signing up people to
    give you money and they are signing up to get people to give them money and
    so on down the line. Sure, they have a lot of marketing material but it is
    really about how to get someone to give you their money without you selling
    a real product. I’m not putting you down, I’m just saying what it really is
    for networks like this. Is it a scam? Well if they bring someone into the
    network who has a huge downline from their previous endeavors and are
    promoting him as someone who started at the bottom with the rest of us,
    well I have to say yes, that is a scam, or at least that part is. If they
    tell you that person started somewhere else and brought a huge amount of
    people with him and he was placed up there to show you how much you could
    make if you had a 100,000 people under you but you have to find those
    people, now they are starting to be honest. Listen to Ian’s review “Empower
    Network Review” | Honest Review from a Former “All-In” Member | by
    @NoMoreBSReviews and read the comments before you start putting more money
    into EN, know what to expect, know the truth and then make your move.

    As for me, I’m not a part of any group but have been looking for something
    to get started with and so far it seems to me that marketing digital and
    physical products from ClickBank and other similar Affiliate sources is the
    way to go. You would be marketing real products, get residual commissions,
    there is no fee to join them, you are not trying to get other people to
    join them, you are marketing products that people are already buying. Yes,
    there is work to do to market the products but once you are set up I think
    things will work fairly smooth. Look into this.

    This is just My opinion from what I have read and viewed.

  12. Very powerful video Jason. I have been graduated from the business college
    in NYC and started working for the very well known Insurance company. My
    income was based on commission. Unfortunately, the collapse of insurance
    industry giant, American International Group (AIG),made it very hard to
    reach out to Prospects/ clients and earned commission. I quit and I am
    looking for ANY JOB to earn money to be able to pay off my student loans.
    I will try empower network. However, i want to advertise my own products
    not Empower network’s products. I hope i will be able to earn extra
    bucks.Thanks Jason and good luck!!!

  13. LOL….i just watched his video! I dont know EN is a scam, al i know is
    that you always have haters and lovers ;-)

  14. “a gun in the hand of a cop can defend….a life a gun in the hand of a
    killer can take a life”-Jason.

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