RC Swap meet finds – Cheap scale rock crawler bodies

Total cost for all 5 rc’s = Low budget scaler doing his best to find a variety of bodies. Using my cell phone to record, my HD camera is full =P Turns out…

    JVZoo Product Feed


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  1. miles leduc says:

    nice collection of rcs´╗┐

  2. HotRodGreaser says:

    OMGEE you got the rover in black.Lucky you.@2:12 thats a great find.Thats
    Mark martins truck that actually was a Kmart exclusive if I remember
    correctly. Great finds.I see the yellow buggy’s a lot at the good will but
    they are cracked and broken to the point they are deemed dead and useless.
    Not parts worthy ever so I give you a high five for finding that buggy and
    it looks cherry.

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