Rapid Cooling Of Domestic Social Networking Sites: Bartering Frequently Boredom

Rapid Cooling Of Domestic Social Networking Sites: Bartering Frequently Boredom

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“Two years later, you will keep the fun net?” Two years ago, quickly became popular in the happy network when the industry is worried about the prospects of domestic SNS sites now look back is not unreasonable. In fact, the last two years, the domestic SNS sites have been considered as fast, and the happy network, 51.com, all network (formerly the school network) have tested the water, Tencent, Sina, Sohu also can not wait to get involved ” enclosure “, a time, SNS websites have mushroomed to grow up. Incomplete data, domestic social networking sites and social part of the site has already reached tens of thousands. However, SNS website, after all, this piece is not so easy to chew bones, after two years, SNS website users have been able to keep running out, many SNS websites or directly from the “pioneer” Benru “martyr” in the ranks. Bartering the SNS website frequently boredomSouth China Normal University, Xie is a happy little girl junior network “loyal fans”, especially the Internet, “stealing dish” quite fascinated by every day, web browsing on a few laps on the fun. However, since Recently, she no longer could not get “stolen food” of interest. “No playing, just getting a little fresh, and then find that really boring.” SNS site has been cold-shouldered? This reporter has learned, including more than happy SNS web sites, including the loss of the problems faced by users, and some even do not delete the account, but time does not log or not log on. The early beginning of last year, among the first social networking site UUzone more for this to stop all the services the site. Connection with the trade, in addition to the contents of the same phenomenon than serious, domestic SNS too much emphasis on social gaming rather than social, completely the wrong way. “Web game contributed for the social networking site users, while the viscosity, a single model also gives site users the risks posed by the loss.” From CNNIC “2009 China Internet users in social Network Research Report “shows that the user give up to continue the use of reason, feeling” tired of the game, “accounted for 14.8% of users. Network with former CEO Hsieh Wen is directed only by domestic SNS sites spoof-based social games to win over the lives of users and attract investors. “Social networking site to take heavy and light social game simply bartering.” Some analysts have pointed out, social games social networking sites as an integral part of the course is essential, but if the only weapon to attract customers is a bit thin. After all, and other online games with the flu compared to competitive and social game sooner or later will make the user feel tired. Model over-reliance on a single profit Advertisement”We have so far not the best way to advertise in social networks and the use of social networks make money.” Google Co-founder Sergey Brin says, in fact, more than a boolean, SNS website operators are facing this problem, after all, survival is the website development. “Current profit model of social networking sites are mainly dependent on advertising.” Juyou network, said the former CEO Luo Chuan, the survey data from iResearch Consulting shows that in the past year, advertising is still China’s online community main revenue model, 62.8% of the site to advertising revenue. Nevertheless, large users and the resulting huge traffic, no one can give a good site to bring advertising revenue. So far, the overwhelming majority of social networking sites are at a loss into. Of course, this embarrassment is not a special case. To MySpace, for example, although the number has increased to the global membership of 118 million, but includes MySpace, including News Corp. Internet business sector failed to complete the annual one billion U.S. dollars of revenue goals. This, SNS website apparently involuntarily, due to social networking services in advertising CPM (cost-thousand impressions) or CPC (cost-thousand hits) prices still can not compete with the portal, activity and the effect can not be effectively measured. At the same time, the site operator, the user experience elements can not be ignored. Latest survey results show that, if the social networking Web site contains a large number of ads, 20% of users would stop using. This regard, some analysts have pointed out that, in addition to the development of online and offline Cooperation Charging module into some things, SNS + Electronic SNS website for business or could be the main future revenue models, B2B e-commerce into the SNS, the SNS architecture through the maturity of the existing business models will be the next big trend. Click here for more exciting information

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