raocow vs social networking sites

seriously dudes. If its says raocow, it’s probably not me. exceptions: deviantart, my comic (atxs.comicdish.com) Giggle Worthy album cover. (also, my own site. Forgot that one!) That’s basically it.
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  1. MCVenomOS says:

    You should get a Google+ account, Raocow. I have an invite ready when you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. PlayMadness says:

    There are a bunch of Facebook accounts with your name from Quebec. I’ll assume they’re all fake too.

  3. chestnutlegg says:

    Checkout my video series on getting a 100k video views per week for free GUARANTEED, series starts here: /watch?v=uqwhomCAO6o True story.

  4. RetardedHaroon says:

    what sad people kick cats :3

  5. tikku77andahalf says:

    Well, I was just curious that there were a couple people on Facebook from Quรจbec that had your same real life name. And one of them was like a million feet tall standing next to his mom or something…

  6. EvolusTheEspeon says:

    lol at the tags
    “hey there everyone those are not raocow”

  7. TheWaddledont says:

    what about the raocow on smwcentral

  8. hemikalalanika says:

    Narrow Naughty girls and ladies here benaughtyman.info

  9. jauakkais says:

    eally want to marry an Latino women come to us rockmycity.info

  10. EvolusTheEspeon says:

    It’s good to know now that the “Raocow” I found on Facebook is a fake.

  11. theZoftime says:



  12. lo0katmyn4me says:

    I hope that now, you have no fear, gaston

  13. Soccerryle says:

    @DarqWolff ๐Ÿ™ RIP Gaston.

  14. DarqWolff says:

    @Ulttimaa Not anymore.

  15. cjn1414118 says:

    I absolutely envy the fact that Raocow can be so anti-serious about something like someone taking his internet name in order to gain some popularity.

  16. TheMariofan1000 says:

    If making it more personal was the case, I’d actually like if you did that! I’d find it interesting.

  17. Absalutly06 says:

    Your a very bad person to guy, guy.
    He isn’t an impostor, hey there. >:]

  18. NeverForgetWizet says:

    Lmao “IT’S NOT ME!!! D:”

  19. GGORRO says:

    after doing some research im starting to think that this isnt raocow…he kidnapped the real raocow and locked him in his basement…then he made him write his scripts and–WOW i got really carried away

  20. Cajaquarius says:

    @Nanospark5 Yes I did and it sounded like a joke. You want to hear something that sounds bad have him reveal a sexual interest in children or blood. Perhaps discuss his favorite porno movies under the guise of Raocow. Now that is bad mouthing. The cat thing was clearly a joke. Nobody would take that seriously and call animal rights or something unless they were completely new to the tubes.

  21. FMagl says:

    @Nanospark5 Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    Actually, I don’t particularly suspect or care, and it wouldn’t really matter even if I did.

  22. Nanospark5 says:

    @FMagl I do not have the desire, the ambition nor the time to impersonate anyone for any reason or anywhere. I’m only a person who is part of the audience that enjoys his videos. That is all.

  23. FMagl says:

    @Nanospark5 Gaston is raocow’s cat. Also, the law usually doesn’t care about what’s said on the internet.

    On another note, being this vocal about it makes you suspicious … are you secretly a raocow impersonator?

  24. FMagl says:

    Those are not people, raocow. They are … things which seek to dispose of and replace you. Arm yourself. Arm Gaston. Arm the duck. Be ready.

    But seriously, it’s ridiculous that it has gotten to the point that you have to actually make a video about it.

  25. odalthila says:

    @Nanospark5 dont worry about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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