Rand Paul Says Cheney Pushed Iraq War For Halliburton Profit

Last week, continuing the sometimes catty intraparty feud between Republican hawks and GOPers skeptical of foreign intervention, former Vice President Dick Cheney took a shot at Sen. Rand…

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  1. Thomas Munzer says:

    There is no good war with Russia. How many millions of Americans and
    Russians do you want nuked?! War with Russia will mean the end of all
    modern civilization. All wars are for the American Empire!

  2. Sophrosyne31 says:

    I can’t believe this shitty pseudo-intellectual news commentary channel has
    gotten nearly 2 million subscribers. Oh well, a new sucker is born every

  3. CDubs HasIt says:

    Rand Paul has to play politics to win so he’s going to have to say the same
    things in a different way. Everyone who wants to win has to. That’s how the
    party system works. That isn’t just a republican thing. For example,
    senator warren was all for income redistribution, anti Wall Street, anti
    big banking cartels etc etc but she’s against senator Paul’s audit the fed
    bill. All income inequality starts there and Rand Paul like his daddy are
    the only ones with the balls enough to stand up to the fed. Senator warren
    is bought and paid for. Read her internal memo on senator Paul’s audit the
    fed bill. 

  4. barbara field says:

    Rand Paul speaks truth about cheney . i am a democrat but i think he is a
    different kind of republican .

  5. Steve Brule says:

    If you go to carls junior get the bacon ranch french fries, thank me later

  6. Michael Udeze says:

    George Bush boldly invaded Iraq because they knew that America cannot tell
    the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan. Heck, most Americans cannot
    find America on the World map.

  7. feedyourmind420 says:

    He won’t really be able to distance himself from these statements in a
    republican primary if he chooses to run for president, which he almost
    certainly will.

  8. WasatchMan says:

    poor TYT, when will you pull your heads out your left-right paradigm asses?

  9. Z200a says:

    Funny how much attention you can get if you’re a right wing extremist, like
    Rand Paul, by saying something that every liberal in America has been
    saying for over a decade.

  10. Adolf Alienowski says:

    If this wasn’t news to you, then you are a fucking retard and you shouldn’t
    procreate and then kill yourself.

  11. safewaysecurity says:

    I like how the folks at TYT always try to make excuses for why Rand Paul
    says what he says. They don’t want to believe that he’s a good and
    principled guy because they want to view all Republicans and conservatives
    as wrong and evil while viewing big govt liberals as principled. So they’ll
    paint it as pandering to college students or something, but young people
    barely vote and this is in kentucky in 09 before he was running and the
    risk associated with the truth he dropped in the classroom would be of no
    benefit to him in a Kentucky Republican primary. I swear if America chooses
    a neo-liberal corporate whore like Hillary Clinton over Rand Paul it’s game

  12. olbear303 says:

    Good wars!? Are you fucking kidding? 

  13. Augustus says:

    JR has a good perspective. Smart guy.

  14. sup3rfunk says:

    watch “Iraq for sale”

  15. fibsernum30 says:

    Cheney’s motives have been fully understood by thinking Americans ever
    since he ordered Bush to start the war.
    The question is: why the hell did he get away with it?

  16. USAFsarge says:

    How naive can these people be about Rand Paul. He’s not pro-war in the
    Middle East. Why are these three people so misinformed, as one of them
    admitted on this program? 

  17. ThePromisedWLAN says:

    *BREAKING NEWS* “Politician says one thing!”
    *BREAKING NEWS* “Politician says another thing!”
    *BREAKING NEWS* “Maybe politicians just say whatever they need to get

  18. Communist Daughter says:

    I like Rand Paul because he is basically a Democrat in disguise. I don’t
    know why I like that, but I do.

  19. Mr-D-DiVine-1 says:
  20. Batman says:

    The Fucking Dirty and Evil American Terrorist people are responsible and
    accountable for the Fucking US Terrorism, Bloodshed, Evils, etc., that
    their Evil Terrorist state carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition
    to Evil US Terrorism practiced in Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Pakistan, etc.
    The Fucking Dirty and Evil American Terrorist people are responsible and

  21. pumpkinsrtasty says:

    Dat sweater vest. Giving Rick Santorum a run for his money.

  22. Vankai says:

    lol Jayar promoted to the desk! :P

  23. 83jdc1 says:

    I said it once ill say it gain Ran Paul for president 2016

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