Quantum – Time

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KoRBeTTx says:

    wats the time mrwolf

  2. JJMoDzinc1 says:

    I love this song, Im gonna use it on a montage 🙂

  3. VelosHD says:

    So, Can you find the time? 🙂

  4. MyAndipandi says:

    This is fucking sick!

  5. Thastorcyclone says:

    bttw commercial use as well okay?

  6. derwouldd says:

    Lol! FaZe in tags.. hahha, omg. They’re randoms. They suck.

  7. TotalGameMaster says:

    @CODvorT3x adfly isnt really that big of a deal dude….lol

  8. iJBGFX says:

    @CODvorT3x omg now your trynig to make money off going to work… not hatin but i think that they deserve a LITTLe something for all the work that they put into this 😀

  9. cipfom says:

    i found this song pretty damn sick
    keep up the good work

  10. axekiller76 says:

    Don’t get why people wouldn’t want NCM to make money off this. I mean they work hard spending hours looking for and uploading FREE NON COPYRIGHT songs for us yet you can’t wait 5 seconds for them…

  11. TriceClan says:

    great remix 🙂

  12. Cartman5101 says:


  13. jason71oldschool says:

    Very nice

  14. MonstrousMartin says:

    BlackMill remix is way better ;3

  15. sammiid977 says:

    @CODvorT3x Shut the fuck up moaning, it’s a 5 second wait for the download?! Be grateful it’s nothing like 45 second waits or something. douche.

  16. MonTziK95 says:

    i cant believe how bitcy u ppl are for some ads, jeezuz

  17. OfficialyPurple says:

    @CODvorT3x I like to think NCM is run by honest people who wouldn’t do that.

  18. DeMizeM4dness says:

    Who’s Quantum?

  19. 0oOFrANziOo0 says:

    @CODvorT3x its an ad..get over it 😀 if this was on tv you would get 20ads lol.
    and im sure you would do the same thing if you wanted money..

  20. CODvorT3x says:

    @OfficialyPurple i know but there are some people who get way out of hand with it i mean i saw a channel who just had links to other channels on youtube with adf.ly

  21. NZGediting says:

    my bleeding heart will BACON.

  22. OfficialyPurple says:

    @CODvorT3x bro its like 6 seconds and it supports the channel/website its the least you can do for them supplying music daily. Not hating just saying

  23. NCMOFFICIAL says:

    @WhosQuantum Actually it’s Thanks for the upload, Tracy<3 lol I am the one who uploaded this 🙂

  24. CODvorT3x says:

    @itsHaroldomg <3

  25. CODvorT3x says:

    @NCMOFFICIAL i just dont like adf.ly lol

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