9 Replies to “Quality or Quantity MLM Network Marketing Team Building”

  1. Good points of course quality is always better. In the long run your business will grow better that way

  2. Outstanding Video Marenda. Rock Sound advice! Too many people in our industry are looking for a business where they join and then just sit back and do nothing and think either the money will just roll in or their sponsor will do all the work for them. You are right on target girl. Wish you ALL the best in Success.

  3. I am the worst recruiter ever and I just put over 60 new people into my downline last month without talking to a single person using The Instant Downline. Check out the link in my channel.

  4. I sponsored over 60 new reps into my downline last month without talking to a single person or posting a link online with an automated forced matrix MLM recruiting system called The Instant Downline. Get the details in my channel link.

  5. Now see. This just makes sense girl. This is some great stuff. The road less traveled is just that… it is less traveled. And a quote that I remember myself that motivates me….
    “The extra mile is never crowded. Thanks for the great video.

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