Pure Leverage Opportunity Presentation Video 2 – Pure Leverage 100% Commissions | Pre Launch

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  1. Timothy R Walls says:

    I want to join under a group that is dynamic and interested in helping me
    to understand the system, asap, and be successful. Is this you and your
    group, Steven?

  2. Steven Rachel says:

    Hi Tim, you can call me at 702-748-9141

  3. sidmoney99 says:

    do you guys have any conference calls

  4. John-Pierce Michael Armelin says:

    How soon can I call you Steven? I am in Sweden, 7hrs ahead of you. Let me
    know bro. got to know I am in a solid program here. Waiting to heare back
    when to call. John

  5. Steven Rachel says:

    You can call me now

  6. Timothy R Walls says:

    Hi Steven, I am interested in joining PureLeverage under you, but want to
    know I am joining a dynamic group, which will help me achieve success, in
    every way they can–support lifeline… I don’t want to join under a group
    that has no interest in my success. What more can you tell me?

  7. Carter Lamere says:

    Hey Steven, your video is awesome man, I really appreciate you taking your
    time out to share this. I am also apart of Pure Leverage, I upgraded the
    same day I found out Joel was release another project.

  8. Timothy R Walls says:

    I’m ready to join, but want to know I am joining a dynamic team that is
    actively interested in my success. If you are unable to get back to me,
    quickly, and let me know you are a real person, Steven, I will find another
    line to join under.

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