Pure Leverage Autoresponder Review

http://www.cheryltraxler.com/blog/pure-leverage-autoresponder-magic/ There is magic with a system that sends video emails and newsletters to your contacts on…
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  1. Liton Ahmed says:

    nice video u made.. i like it and thank you for sharing, I am member to PL and still learning all those tools, again thank you for sharing Cheryl Traxler.

  2. ivailo borisov says:

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  3. Ana Petrova says:

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  4. Cheryl Traxler says:

    Pureleverage allows you to create campaigns in your autoresponder. You want to watch the training video that walks you thru this process.

  5. TheKd1338 says:

    Which one is the autorepsonder where you can create campaigns for your other businesses ,Gvo or Pureleverage? I have pure leverage but its not letting me create different campaigns but when I watch videos for the gvo autoresponder I see a tab that lets you create campaigns,I”m super confused right now. Everyone is making video’s about how much money you can make but know one has any video showing  how it actually functions and those 2 secs video in the back are extra short,lol.

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