Prospecting Training: What do you say when people ask “what do you do?”

www.mlmsuperlinks.com Prospecting Training: What to say when people ask “What do you do?” Some Prospecting Training to make the absolute most of this question in your MLM Business. Learn this super simple technique so you never waste this amazing opportunity when people ask “what do you do?” A Few Critical Prospecting Training Techniques for your MLM Business First of all, if you are getting this question it’s amazing. This means that Attraction Marketing is already taking place in your business. For some strange reason or another that you’re not familiar with Attraction Marketing and you are trying to build a successful MLM Business you are going to have some difficulty. Very simply, Attraction Marketing is when people start to ask you about what you are doing because they are already interested. This is a fairly new concept for traditional MLM Business goers but it’s the “New School” way of successfully building a Down-Line. Take advantage of this prospecting training today.
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  1. MadsGlimoe says:

    Just saw this great video!
    I’m doing MLM myselve, and promoting one of the newest, greatest company who take focus on three ways that really never seen before on that level. Its Network Marketing, if you want to be know more or maybe be a part of this go mail me at: glimoe@live.dk

  2. Richard Basilio says:

    I actually have a really fun business where I got paid to promote ways to save money on fuel. wow! Thank you so much!

  3. Javier3054 says:

    Great video! Thanks for the tips!

  4. linx2freedom says:

    Excellent! I luv it. Thanks for the information, because I’m new to this concept and each day I see more aand more how to do this business better. I’m subscribing!

  5. Wilfred Stanley says:

    Gr8 training video. To join the perfect biz visit Life.RapidUnicity

  6. elitemarketer34 says:

    I really enjoyed the video very well put together… Thx!

  7. unitys1 says:

    Hello, I like the reality that you put into your job. I like to ask you a question, lets say you have already some downlines, and I come to share to you a product of no selling, a way of action that will help our downlines to prosper, plus lets say you are very successful, will you close your eyes on other possibilities ?
    A car mechanic, does he have only one tool in his box ? lets get as much wise tools that we can get !

    May God bless us…

  8. Paulle Galanza says:

    great tips you have here tanya. would surely apply it whenever i go prospecting. thanks!

  9. dancinsarebear says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  10. Scott Davis says:

    You are awesome Tanya! Thank you so much!!!

  11. raymond shogun says:

    thanks, very nice

  12. marcelo antonio says:

    thanks so much .. great tips …….

  13. troyofhoy says:

    Thanks so much for this video. Much appreciated!

  14. royariel says:

    I enjoyed your video.

  15. Tom Rawls says:

    Millionaire Mentor Programs. Lets make Residual Income and stop the 9 to 5 career Path.
    I’ll be your Mentor and Coach. Believe in yourself and make money at home.

  16. Susan Geleng says:

    I loved it, thank you Tania Great Tips!!!

  17. Psy4ia says:


  18. jjacrsx says:

    Outstanding ! Thanks for the tips!

  19. salessystem says:

    Great job Tanya & Brandon

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