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  1. i don’t understand why u bash Islam why wont u talk a baut the beauty of
    the bible where it says u can have sex with your mother dad ganbang ur
    sister with ur friends kill babies for your Jesus why wont u talk a bout
    those verses ah no 

  2. Mr David Wood Don’t try to show your hate towards Muslims. Try to read
    QURAN with good heart and be optimist. You are trying to misguide the
    religion and the people of world.. Please don’t do like that. If you
    believe in Jesus(PBUH) then you should believe in Mohammad (PBUH). Muslims
    are more Christians than you Christians them-self as they believe
    in Jesus(PBUH) and all Prophets of time and the last messenger Mohammad
    (PBUH). But where are you man you don’t follow your own book nor follow the
    last testament.. I don’t know where you will go when you die. Only way to
    get proof is to: DIE and SEE YOUR SELF

  3. David Wood, I love you!!
    I enjoy this video so much that I now have an amazing view of Mohammad,
    what a man he was and why should people ever think of ridiculing a man that
    was already down on his face?

    If Mohammad didn’t do all the evils recorded of him in the Qur’an and
    Hadiths, why are those books full of such abuse of his person? Why are
    Muslims not burning all those books?

    Oh! Such hypocrisy!!

  4. For the humankind to believe that Bible is the uncorrupted word of god, it
    has to pass the test of science, mathematics, logic etc.; it is not
    possible that god created the universe but he did not know many facts about
    it. Without this Bible is not a reliable source to prove a point. My
    Christian brothers and sisters should look for answers for the
    contradictions and errors in Bible for the sake of their salvation. If
    there is a single error in a divine book, it surely means that it has been
    altered by human hands. I am just mentioning few here (you may watch “Bible
    and Quran in the light of science” debate between Dr. William Campbell and
    Dr. Zakir Naik for details):
    Scientific errors in Bible:
    1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, Psalm 104:5, Ecclesiastes 1:5
    Earth is stable, cannot be moved and sun arise and goes down. Galileo was
    punished as his findings contradicted Bible on movement of earth and sun.
    Genesis 1:9 – 1:19 – Earth was created on the third day but sun was
    created on the 4th day. As per science, earth was part of Sun before it got
    separated. So, creation of earth before sun is not scientific.
    Genesis 1:16 – God created two great lights (the Hebrew text means lamps –
    having its own light) i.e. Sun and Moon to rule over the day and night. But
    as per established science we know that Moon does not have its own light.
    Genesis 1:1 – 1:31 – Earth and heaven were created in 6 days (a day with
    evening, morning etc.) however, as per science earth and heaven cannot be
    created in 6 days (if a day is of 24 hours)
    Genesis 1:3 – 1:5 – Light created on the first day but cause of light i.e.
    sun was created on the 4th day (Genesis 1:14 – 1:19). There were day and
    night on the first day (Genesis 1:3 – 1:5) but the earth took shape on the
    3rd day (Genesis 1:9 – 1:13). How can you have day and night without earth?
    Genesis 1:11 – 1:13 – All grass, herb, trees were created before sun. How
    can they survive without sunlight?
    Job 26:11 – Pillars of the heaven will tremble. 1 Samuel 2:8, Job 9:6 and
    Psalms 75:3 – Earth has pillars as per these verses. However, Quran Surah
    Lukman 31:10 says that Heavens are without pillars.
    Genesis 1:29 – 1:30 All fruits and herbs are edible as per these verses but
    in reality there are poisonous plants
    Mark 16:17-18: Scientific test to identify true Christian believer – in
    god’s name true believers would speak new language, if they drink deadly
    poison they shall not be harmed. So, if a false believer tries this, he’ll
    die or he will not dare attempt this test. Is this test scientific, how
    many true Christian believers are there in the world as per this test?
    Genesis 9:13-17- God put up a rainbow as promise to his followers never to
    submerge the world again – Is it scientific that rainbow and hence law of
    refraction did not exist before Noah?
    Leviticus 14:49-53-Disinfecting a house from plague of leprosy by
    sprinkling blood of a bird which is not scientific as blood is a good media
    of germs
    Leviticus 12:1-5- If a women gives birth to a male child she’ll be unclean
    for 40 days but if she gives birth to a female child she’ll be unclean for
    80 days.
    Numbers 5:11-31- Bitter water test for adultery – A priest to take holy
    water in a vessel, take dust from the floor, mix it, give it to the woman
    after cursing it. If the woman has committed adultery her stomach will
    swell, thighs will rot, otherwise she’ll remain clean and bear the seed
    Leviticus 11:6 – Hare is a cud chewer as per this verse but now we know
    hare is not a cud chewer
    Proverbs 6:7 – Ant has no ruler but today we know that ants are well
    organized and they have workers, queen, ruler etc.
    Genesis 3:14 and Isaiah 65:25 – Serpents eat dust but actually no serpent
    eats dust
    Leviticus: 11:20 – The verse mentions fowls (insects in current
    translation) with four feet, in reality no insect, no bird, no fowl has 4
    Isaiah 34:7 – Mythical animal (Unicorn) in Bible mentioned, as if they
    exist. In reality there is no such animal.
    Genesis 7:19-20 – Flood covered entire earth, all mountains as per these
    verses. Noah’s time was around 2100/2200 BC as per Genealogy. Archeological
    evidence says there was no evidence of flood over the whole earth during
    this time. Also scientifically it is not possible to merge the entire world
    with water.
    Genesis 6:15-16 – It is not possible to accommodate millions of species in
    Noah’s Ark with 3 floors and the dimensions mentioned. All on-board
    survived for 40 days with food etc. in such a small place as per Bible.
    Mathew 4:8, Luke 4:5 – Devil took Jesus Christ on exceedingly high
    mountain and showed whole kingdom of the world. Daniels 4:10-11 – Tree grew
    up to the heaven and end of all the earth could be seen. Hence, as per
    these verses earth is flat because if earth is round you can never see the
    other side of the earth in such cases.
    Contradictions, unfulfilled prophecies, mathematical errors in Bible:
    Hebrews 1:10 – 1:11 and Psalm 102:25 – 102:26: Earth will perish as per
    these verses. Ecclesiastes 1:4 and Psalm 78:69: Earth will abide forever as
    per these verses.
    Ezra Ch 2:2-63; Nehemiah 7:7-65 – Names of people in these two places are
    same but numbers are different. Ezra Ch2:64; Nehemiah 7:66 – Whole
    congregation adds up to 42,360 in these 2 places, but in reality if you add
    up it comes to 29818 for Ezra and 31,089 for Nehemiah. Ezra Ch2:65 – 200
    singing men and women, Nehemiah 7:67 – 245 singing men and women –
    II Kings 24:8 – Joachim was 18 years old when he began to reign Jerusalem,
    reigned for 3 months. II Chronicles 36:9 – Joachim was 8 years old when he
    began to reign and he reigned for 3 months 10 days
    I Kings 7:26 – there were 2000 baths, II Chronicles 4:5 – 3000 baths
    Isaiah 7:14 – Jesus (pbuh) born to a virgin and will be called Immanuel but
    nowhere in the Bible Jesus (pbuh) is called Immanuel
    II Kings 8:26 – Ahaziah 22 years old when he began to reign but as per II
    Chronicles 22:2 he was 42 years old.
    II Chronicles 21:20 Joharam, father of Ahaziah, reigned at the age of 32
    for 8 years. He died at the age of 40. Immediately Ahaziah became the next
    ruler at the age of 42. Son is 2 years older than father.
    II Samuel 24:9 – 800,000 of Israel and 500,000 men of Judah took part in
    the battle. I Chronicles 21:5 – 1,100,000 from Israel and 10460 from Judah
    took part in the battle.
    II Samuel 6:23 – Michal had no child. II Samuel 21:8 – Michal had 5 sons
    Mathew 1:16 – Family tree is written as Jesus-Josheph-Jacob but in Luke 3:23
    it is Jesus-Josheph-Heli. Did Josheph had 2 fathers?

  5. We Muslims don’t thing were better than anybody sadly its people like
    David Woods who fallows the act of the devil and trash Islam and cherry
    picks verses from the Koran what kind of a sick person dedicates his life
    to trash Islam and talking shit and making fun of our profit Mohammad PBUH
    what kind of a Jesus follower is he ??? i guess there is no point of me
    asking because everybody is ignorant about Islam and chose to listen to a
    fake like David Wood.

  6. David Wood was unbelievable man. He was talking about in Islam with large
    large question. Is he want a answer or just asking? Is he want the truth?
    Coz, if ask back in christianity, we will found christianity very disaster
    religion. Consider unlogical trinity, bad history Nicea Consili 325 , and
    unvalid bible’s scipture.He keep continue bumbling about Islam and Moeslem.
    He’s trying find dark spot in Islam.Soon or later there will be the answer.
    But it’snot the basic religion issue … so I think…. he just want what
    he want, but not the truth.
    ” Aleef laam miim … that was ‘Kitab’ without adoubt on it, guide for who
    scare he’s God” (Al Qoran ch. al Baqoroh v. 1-2)

  7. I am yet to see a Muslim refute anything David Wood says, simply call him a
    liar and when asked to prove him a liar you don’t hear from them again,
    what gets me is how these people that know this can’t be disputed, there is
    so much research that can be done by these Muslims yet they continue to
    believe, even though they know what they believe is totally wrong, I guess
    the brainwashing runs deep.

  8. in libya,iraq,afghanistan,eigypt,syria u european and american are
    responsible for these country in conflict, we muslims now why u people
    doing it couse u want devide and rule our country like u did before,u can
    say ‘ well i didnt do anything’ yes you didnt do nothing to stop your super
    power goverment that you voted from setting problems like racism, religeus
    and political diffrentces in these country. its like throwing rock and hide
    your hand , and u david wood camon man give it up game over, u are loosing
    everybody knows u lieying u lost your debate with all go find better job
    man, u so despret dont u? 

  9. So spirits are pedophiles when they make a young woman pregnant in a
    process that is not impossible to know how this is done? Again, the logic
    failure and propaganda. Given that it should have happened a once in

    In comparison to a 54 year old man who was married with a 9 year old girl
    in the flesh, and his example today live today as a model in which young
    girls are married off in Yemen and die because they their body is not ready
    for childbirth.
    And the Saudi kings are buying young girls from the war in Syria.
    What a “nice” teaching his followers embrace given that young girls are
    married off due to Mohammed’s example. This is pedophilia and brothel
    business that your god and prophet seems to have left as a legacy.

  10. for a lot of you all up in here commenting fuck this fuck that NWO is here
    the one eye you think you safe think again F.E.M.A
    All this for you to follow Satan

  11. All those verses have been taken out of context. Please be logical and
    research more on Islam. Don’t think with a prejudiced mind, but with an
    open mind and use logic. Refer to Zakir Naik’s videos 

  12. By the way “Alballira” the well-known incident concerning Lot just shows
    how people in a way time worked.

    Lot was full of wine after his daughters did that to him and he was not
    conscious of what he did.

    Christians do not worship prophets or ordinary people like you Muslims do
    when they were fragile as any other.

    Does your Mullah or Imam tell you about those yummy details that your
    alleged prophet was doing in the hadiths and the Quran at his

  13. About your Prophet, you Muslims always say after mentioning his name:
    PBUH. I can understand why you are so embarrassed to say the real
    translation of: “Salla llah 3alih Wasallam” – “God PRAYS upon HIM and
    Salutes HIM” ! You trumpet all over that Islam means “submission” to God
    – but according to the above, God is the one who is submitting to your
    prophet Muhammad. You are worshiping Muhammad, not God. You are the real
    Mushrikun. Peace upon all mankind.

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