Promoting Your Music Online (pt1) : Social vs. Antisocial Media (1 of 2)

Part 1/2 Musicians: Do not waste time sending your links out on twitter or spamming walls on facebook. Here are some practical ideas for building relationships with other artists, bloggers, promoters and fans. www.facebook.com

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  1. jacksonwonderful says:

    What’s stopping you from asking people to “please” click the like and dislike buttons with a “thank you” at the end? I read that some of the key words most appealing to visitors include “please” “thank you” and of course “free.”

  2. JustinSticks says:

    I really appreciate your input on this topic. My goal was to get a couple thousand views for each song I put out; To get on iTunes; to create a fan base on twitter… and I accomplished all that; However, it seams to be really hard for people to press the like or dislike button on a video. People are watching them, but I dont understand why they are not rating them… Got anything for me?

  3. fmbeats1 says:

    What’s good Pan 1!! I have been watching your videos for a minute and I have learned a lot from your vids. I just put my music up and i was wondering if you can give me some constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  4. jacksonwonderful says:

    No, a dj is just another musician– you’d need one for performances, yes, and he should obviously be performing. His next step should be to get 1,000,000 million hits, release more music, build a fanbase on twitter and facebook, etc… 150,000 is a good start, but it’s by no means an impressive number.

  5. DebThe12Know1 says:

    23hotlava has 150,000 hits on youtube. He is very talented and he raps, writes, sings, and produces, and also does his own videos. Would his next step be to get a DJ behind him or a Publisher? Please advise!

  6. moonmonk7 says:

    Really good advice man. I feel ya on the spam. I used to send my music out to random people and realized that when I get that kind of spam it annoys me too.. seeing that it was pointless as well, because so many people flood the internet with that.

  7. paloderosadp says:

    great advise man very helpful!

  8. JuSDj2727 says:

    no bullshit man i appreciate everything you doin. From the bottom. Takin notes.

  9. jacksonwonderful says:

    march 27th I’m in chicago

  10. MarvelousProductions says:

    Let me rephrase it. Are there certain seminars you do or plan on doing in the future where you are speaking on a panel and allowing time for producers to talk to you about certain aspects of the industry?

  11. jacksonwonderful says:

    uh… what?

  12. MarvelousProductions says:

    So when can I meet you in person to sit down and speak with you? I’m trying to build myself up as a young producer and really get a lot of projects into rotation. Looking for some more insight.

  13. officialswagkillem says:

    check me out its the sound

  14. jacksonwonderful says:

    haha yes, they’re awesome.

  15. brucekue says:

    Btw can everyone take a couple minutes of their day to check out my… Lol jk. Hoping to great those David Yang tracks soon though bro! I know they’ll be great!

  16. jacksonwonderful says:

    Thank you!

  17. brucekue says:

    Great job explaining everything Pain! Everyone needs to watch this cuz I get that spam shit on the daily and it ain’t cool at all.

  18. Unclewich says:

    This is a very timely series, Pain. I know someone who really needs this information…

    Thank you, sir…

  19. amerikasaddiction says:

    Good stuff! 

  20. jacksonwonderful says:

    part 3 on the way!

  21. jacksonwonderful says:

    Please do. Appreciate the feedback. P

  22. LEZTHEGOON says:

    good vid im gonna stop spamming lol

  23. LEZTHEGOON says:

    im tryin to promote myself  with my beats

  24. bobbybay420 says:

    You a good dude my dude. U give us a buncha free shit n then give us some real talk, you the peoples choice bra, and i aint ever heard of ya till recently. Good shit my dude. I should post some of those beats I have used some of your shit on

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