25 Replies to “Profits From Syrian Airstrikes Will Churn Your Stomach”

  1. this is what happens in capitalism the rich get richer and the poor get
    poorer I mean how much of that 350 million dollars did the Bangladeshi
    worker who lives in a fucking shack get from that money? oh right they
    basically don’t

  2. I laughed out loud when i leaned they were using F-22s to attack a bunch of
    assholes with AKs and no radar.

    Joke of a country.

  3. Military Industrial Complex buys politicians. Politicians increase
    aggressive military activity. Military Industrial Complex makes more
    profits due to high demand from this increased increased aggressiveness.
    MIC buys more politicians. Politicians declare more war. MIC profits keep

  4. We should have listened to Ike. Now we’re slaves to the war industry. The
    worst is, some people actually like it. 

  5. So this is the problem we find ourselves in. Hawks are bombing women and
    children so they can make money of devilish ammunition contracts.
    America is out of control

  6. Reminds me of Dan Carlin’s podcast, Hardcore History, where he talks about
    the Mongol Conquests. He told stories about Chinese cities so desperate to
    keep the Mongols back, they would melt down gold coins, jewelry, and
    silverware into cannonballs, in a last-ditch attempt to survive.

    It struck me how incredibly desperate and pitiful that sounds. The people
    really were in an existential crisis few civilizations have ever seen.

    These days, America is doing the same. Only instead of precious metals,
    they’re packing their cannons with education funding, infrastructure, space
    programs, healtcare, social security, etc. And shooting it over their city

    Only there AREN’T ANY MONGOLS BUSTING DOWN THEIR GATES. There are primitive
    religious fanatics, half a globe away, with crude weapons; a guerrilla army
    destroying its own homeland infinitely more than it has destroyed others’.

    It’s nothing but hysterical, self-destructive, stupidity.

  7. Everything revolves around money. It’s so disgusting, now go and say “The
    U.S Military is protecting us and the military is protecting our freedom”.
    Bullshit, I would feel no pride in being in the military, marines etc but
    it’s looked as so prestigious to go into other countries and harass,
    terrorize, murder, torture other innocent people.

  8. Eisenhower warned that this would happen but no one listened! Big corrupt
    government and the MI complex hand in hand will bankrupt this nation.

  9. Spending billions on killing innocent and enriching the rich. No problem.
    Spending billions to invest in infrastructure and welfare. No way.

  10. I don’t believe TYT is against profit. They like many American’s are
    against waste. 1.6 is a pretty high cost for a missile. I don’t believe
    they are gold tipped and you can buy a GPS for $200.

  11. The F22 Raptor was the jet used in the bombings. Introduced in 2005 it had
    gone 9 years without ever seeing combat…until now. But worry not! If we
    didn’t feel safe enough to the United States Government already has plans
    to replace our existing force of 4,500+ $17 million F16’s with a brand new
    jet. The F35 Lightning 2! In fact it’s so cheap our Government has already
    ordered 2,443 of these new planes. It’s so cheap, it’s almost theft. It’s
    only an average of $141.4 million per fighter!

  12. “‘We could be doing other things with that money.” Not fucking really. That
    shit is pocket change to the US government and if it was used for the right
    purpose (finish off Assad too, anyone?) then it would be totally worth it.
    Or, we could let the Syrian people continue to suffer through a deadlocked
    civil war indefinitely which I’m sure TYT would be very happy about.

  13. if they killed assad 3 years ago they could save all this money and savev
    200 000 persons lives too
    assad helped and brought isis
    #fuck_assad #fuck_isis #fuck_putin 

  14. How come nobody mentions the only reason the West is in the region again,
    is to maintain strategic control of the the resources in the region? The
    first thing the US bombed was the oil refineries and wells. These wars only
    benefit a few of the elite, and the common person must pay for it. Just
    imagine if the billions and even trillions spent every year on war, were to
    go to developing clean energy, education and infrastructure. 

  15. Why do we need this again? Are we not trillions in debt/cannot keep the
    Gov. offices open but we have the money for war. WTF!

  16. Our country is losing the “War on Terror” cause it’s already fallen to
    Al-Qaeda’s, now along with ISIS, plan of draining America of it’s wealth.
    Sure, somebody’s making money but for the country as a whole we’re losing
    treasure that could be better spent on it’s citizens well being. Al-Qaeda
    knows it can’t topple the US in a fight, but it can bleed it’s pockets dry
    like they did to the USSR in Afghanistan. We’re going to destroy ourselves
    economically if we keep fighting this war like this.

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