Problematic Downlines – How To Handle

Problematic Downlines – How To Handle

Article by Veronica Tan BK

Unwanted Downlines – How To Handle

As a seasoned network marketer, you are well aware that prospecting is the life and blood of your organization. It is important to grow your network marketing organization if you wish to succeed in this business opportunity.

Growing your organization does not mean that you should get every Tom, Dick and Harry to join your network marketing organization. If you are not selective in the kind of downlines that you bring into your organization, you will be faced with more problems in the future.

Imagine sponsoring a friend who becomes your downline but who does not have the motivation and desire to succeed and improve his lifestyle. This downline will require lots of your time, effort and energy in terms of training, coaching and strategizing. Yet, when your downline starts to face rejection after rejection, he is again demoralized and finally there will come a day when in spite of your good intentions, he starts to blame you for getting him into a business where he is not able to make money. Or worse still for not helping him enough so that he is not able to succeed. This can cause a strain on your friendship or in the worst case scenario, lose a friendship that could have started decades ago.

Or if you had been approaching the cold market to do your prospecting, you might have met a stranger. In your dealings with this person, you might have been able to convince the person how wonderful a business opportunity you have and how he can achieve his financial freedom if he were to join you in your home business and commit two to five years to learn the ropes of the business, build it up and achieve his dreams and desires.

This stranger who is now your downline begins to start calling you non-stop. This is good in the beginning because it means that he is eager and willing to learn. However, the incessant calls continue non-stop and even months after he joined, the calls are still coming in without any signs of abating. Finally there comes a day when this downline finds that he is just not cut out for network marketing and demands a refund on all his products. All your time and efforts have gone to waste and you even suffer a deduction in your commissions.

At the same time, you might get downlines who, after trying out and working the business and find that they are not able to succeed, start to go around bad-mouthing you, tarnishing your reputation and calling you a scammer.

How do you handle such unwanted downlines?

* Do not place too much reliance on any particular downline. This will prevent your disappointment when your downline does not work out* Be aware that there will always be some attrition as in any business* Do not spend too much time with any particular downline so that your downline will not grow too dependent on you* Spread your time amongst your other downlines as well to avoid any feelings of biasness* Do not allow your downlines to think that they are too important for you or they will tend to take advantage of you* Spend time with the right people* Continuously upgrade yourself and improve your personal development* Team up with other successful network marketers and grow yourself as a leader as this has a magnetic effect of attracting people to join you* Do not be afraid of being frank with your downlines. Sometimes it is better to be rid of a ‘trouble-maker’ than to lose your whole organization* Look for the correct people, solid business builders, to join your network marketing organization

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