Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#1 Carsten Schael)

In this new feature we challenge one pro photographer to do a photo shoot with a cheapo camera. The camera is chosen entirely at random, with the choice of: a Lego camera, iPhone 2G, Vivitar…
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  1. Yuval Zach says:

    Am I the only one that noticed both sides of the cards are blank?

  2. Tshediso Rathebe says:

    bruh dat voice is cool dawg, sounds like uh was watching top gear or some
    shit lyk dat

  3. Виталий Остин says:

    this photographer sucks

  4. NickRoman says:

    That reminds me of one time many years ago when I was at the Marin
    headlands and took a photo that was very hazy from cloud haze. I did a
    little tweak with software and cleared the haze right up!

  5. w00xer says:

    the worst Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge episode, in my opinion 

  6. Saddle Waddle says:


  7. NickRoman says:

    So now some other poor sod gets the Lego camera. He better come up with
    some really innovative ideas.

  8. Tohydrom x says:

    7:58 what do you call the symbol on the chest of the statue ? XD

  9. Trevor Smith says:

    Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#1 Carsten Schael)
    Here is a good challenge! 

  10. fhhh says:

    What video camera is this?

  11. flo richi says:

    jaja, vier, drei, zwei, eins, null^^

  12. dragan lazarevic says:

    Kai W you are not cool

  13. Slayersen says:

    I almost died when the cam said “bye, bye”

  14. Nick Tropiano says:

    Sad that the once proud Yashica name — great, great camera maker: the
    Electro line of rangefinders, the Lynx line, their Yashica-Mat TLRs, the
    T-series of point-n-shoots, the newer Contax G’s (arguably the best 35 film
    camera and certainly lenses ever made at the end of the film camera era)
    and their excellent Tomioka optical company… is on such a piece of
    absolute digital junk. (By the way, Yashica was in the SLR game, but not
    really known for them, as you mentioned in your video… They were known
    more for their rangefinder lines and medium format TLRs, and later their T
    series point-n-shoot line.) 

  15. Didn't have much of a choice... says:

    Don’t get why he felt the need to crop every single pic. Some looked worse
    after the crop. 

  16. Juliet Jacobs says:

    “it may look decent from a distance and if your eyes are smeared with

  17. Sarah Yassin says:

    All the final images look a ton better than what my classmates take with a
    professional camera. Technique and composition are just as important as
    exposure and shutter in my opinion.

  18. Damith Dayananda says:

    peace of shit didn’t understand becase he doesn’t know how to finish

  19. mementorequiem says:

    Awful camera. Instead, would have had loved to see him shoot with his own
    camera for an hour or so, and then see the results.

  20. Core X says:
  21. Debra Harlander says:

    I totally enjoy this “experiment”. As professionals we take our equipment
    for granted sometimes. It really is a mark of a true pro when you can take
    something, a cheap, no feature camera, and still see art. I recently let
    my 4 year old grandson use my small Nixon Coolpix digital camera. I showed
    him how to zoom in and out, how to hold the camera, how to click the
    shutter and how to see what he took. The only thing I said was “take some
    pictures of the things you think are fun to look at.” He amazed me.
    Perhaps as professional photographers we need to remember what it is like
    to see things from a pure perspective. Using a camera with minimal
    features and trusting our eye is an awesome challenge. Great series. 

  22. Hazzan Zia says:

    shudnt he be looking for Perry the platypus 

  23. Yung Lee says:

    You got me at bye bye la!!!

  24. AvengeanceReloaded says:

    He’s not even that good.

  25. The Gods Right-Hand Man says:

    The Camera held aloft atop the Monopod .. . . Now THAT bears repetition
    fo’ sho’.

    I love being a relative noob and learning shit 🙂

    Thanks DigiRev XxX

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