Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera (#5 Graham Uden)

In this video, we meet up with British-born pro photographer Graham Uden, who has photographed the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and is now based in Hong Kong. H…

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  1. Julius Bernotas says:

    The original shots were pretty cool, but after editing they are godawful

  2. .iUi. says:

    The editing is horrible…

  3. Milan Perišić says:

    Lol Uden is so amazingly awkward

  4. homg85 says:

    These pentax cameras are pretty good i use one from time to time. its not
    the camera, it is how you use it and how you see things through it

  5. Spencer Waddell says:

    He looks so obnoxious with all that gear on jesus

  6. Noah Goodman-Claire says:

    The editing appears a bit heavy handed, though the photos themselves didn’t
    exactly give room for much.
    I liked the last two, but the others were a bit blurry and the jacked up
    highlights seemed to only add to it.
    Still pretty impressive getting anything usable from something like that.

  7. Gonçalo Norberto says:

    this episode should be called “Pro Bikes, Cheap Riders” damn I laugh so
    hard when he felt lmao

  8. LifeWithProof - Photography says:

    The editing wasn’t great, Expect the last one. I loved the way that turned
    out! Guess you have to wait for the magical photo in the bunch! Great video

  9. oWetThings says:

    editing is overdone to me

  10. Sajid Noor says:

    you ok whata axicdent

  11. Pwn3dbyth3n00b says:

    Oh man its like you guys fell on the HDR button during final processing. 

  12. andyb6200 says:

    *HAHAHAAHAHAHA* when he fell XD 3:54 *HHAAHAHHAA*

  13. Dustin K says:

    HAHAHAHA WHAT A FALL, lost it.

  14. netsurfer912 says:

    3:55 I totally see myself here.

  15. Andres Campos says:

    final images are worse than the originals….

  16. Mike Lockhart says:

    Haha at one point he says ‘well luckily it’s so hot and sweaty that you can
    just…eh..pee yourself’ eh, righto mate cheers

  17. Kevin Jin says:

    god… dude his lens cap god damaged… 

  18. Ralph Stain says:

    pride destroyed 3:54

  19. The Sheepherd says:

    first chrashes himself and the cam, then got told he is not even allowed to
    use that cam … would have like to know what he thought right in that
    moment …

  20. Dan Carter says:

    these blow

  21. Niklas Lassen says:

    I got the same camera, not exactly the same because my camera is Pentax
    Optio E50, not because i use it but it work pretty fine for one hour before
    it die :D

  22. luminor007 says:

    sorry but I laughed my ass off when he face planted lol,. good to see he
    didnt hurt himself.. funny guy.

  23. Yuki Sung says:

    Respect to graham uden. Very brave photographer. Not the smartest but very
    brave pro photographer. While the pictures were not the best ones, his
    photography is not about best quality photogrpahs. There are just some
    types of photography that is not evaluated by the quality but how its taken
    when its taken. And his job is to do those in extreme circumstances and I
    bet that no haters in comments can do what he could do in those situatios. 

  24. black9mm says:

    Any idea of what are the tweaks that he used on the last picture? A great

  25. Anthony James says:

    10:03 Lmao Kai.

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