Preview: Glenn Beck on “Reliable Sources”

CNN’s Brian Stelter asks radio & television host Glenn Beck about the state of politics & the American media in 2014.
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  1. Sal ty says:

    pos using his daughter to sell snake oil

  2. mrkennam says:

    Ha ha! Glenn Beck on ‘Reliable Sorces’, a contradiction in terms

  3. Michael Terotta says:

    Glenn makes millions demonizing Homosexuals, African Americans, Latinos,
    Unions, Teachers, Law Enforcement, Muslims, Feminists, 9/11 Families and
    Immigrants, yet he still has the gall to claim he’s a victim. Scoundrel!


  4. mrkennam says:

    Hey Glenn… Not being American, standing outside looking in, US admin have
    made some really Bad decisions as of late and quite frankly have acted like
    the bully of the world. When i see my leaders be ‘afraid’ of Your leaders
    and not even daring to speak up, thats Bad and will continue putting US in
    a place of confusion and fear… Not to mention what US put their own
    citizens trough… This duplicites way of conducting affairs needs to
    change before the whole world will suffer its sure to be devastating
    consequnces. Just throwing that out there as a tip from wich you might move
    I want to emphasize that i REALLY want the US to be as great as i always
    have meant it was… Because US brought the world Freedom, liberty and
    justice and everyone depend on US to continue being that frontrunner,
    bearing the light of the values we all hold dear! USA seems to be confused
    at the moment… USA needs to find its way, and it starts by introducing
    into your systems, the values you founded your great nation upon…without
    them, im afraid it will only get worse! Americans needs to come together in
    unity and take care of other Americans…and Stop Policing the world. 

  5. defina jones says:

    Glen Beck would sale his mother,, for a Dime to the highest ” BIDDER ” , if
    he can get some” ATTENTION’

  6. revo lution says:

    Creepy and seems fake. Just my thoughts. We have Ebola now here and you
    have psychopathic leaders pushing towards WW3. We all have to admit
    Something is tarribly wrong here in the US. I believe an evil outside force
    has taken over washington and has bribe and blackmailed congress and the
    senate into sinking America’s economy and putting unfreedom friendly laws.
    You dont have to search to far to start your quest on finding answers to
    who this evil force is. A good question to start with is who founded the
    federal reserve and why the founding of it was a treasonous crime.

  7. m axxzz says:

    I’m going to be sick….

  8. mrkennam says:

    ‘I tremble for this world, for i know God is just’… 

  9. playerjoe says:

    I liked this guy when he was on the bottle……….. Way more interesting.
    He seriously is emotionally unstable. Does he walk into a McDonalds look
    at the prices and start crying about obamacare?

  10. Matt McClune says:

    He’s right we are in a cold civil war and all the division made from the
    elite people who run this country. Because the people sure don’t. No wonder
    the government is arming itself against us. They want to defend themselves
    as well. And who knows what they’ll do… Help calm it down or let it
    happen and aid a certain side that has all the things the corporate elite
    and government officials all want? Chips in everyone, a national income,
    they will have total power. And then the world collpases 

  11. Hypnoillusion says:

    I hate to say it, but someone who has spent a career teaching people to be
    closed minded, seems to be getting a little smarter…. but we’ll see…

  12. Patrick li says:

    Where the subtitle says “according to me” in .0005 font

  13. Bob Van says:


    Preview: Glenn Beck on “Reliable Sources”

  14. Trent Cassidy says:

    Never trust a mormon.

  15. TheHypnotstCollector says:

    Glenn wants to say “Hanging by a thread” concerning the nations condition,
    that’s a favorite chant of Mormons. Glenn is Mormon and Mormonism IS
    Freemasonry. There’s a “secret tow line” between the two. Has been since
    1842. It’s a long story. Just watch out. Mormonism is political and
    spiritual plutonium. It’s a political machine founded on treason. Every
    Mormon from Myth Romney to Cliven Bundy has sworn the oaths of the Mormon
    Endowment Ceremony to “Avenge the blood of the prophets on this nation and
    people”. That oath was changed in 1990 when too many Mormons whined about
    it and also having to pantomime having their throat slit and guts ripped
    out for speaking of what I just typed. Those oaths, rituals, handshakes and
    symbols were stolen from Freemasonry

  16. Nethr says:

    “I believe we have to cool things down. CIVIL WAR!” – Glenn Beck


  17. LastBref says:

    CNN is conservative propaganda. They’re so afraid of being labeled
    left-wing that they go out of their way to present right-wing points of
    view, no matter how insane they are.

  18. AbuAmah ibnakanni says:

    Glenn i don’t know what to say bcoz there’s too much say, ride it.

  19. abcbee1308za says:

    God be with him . And give him more wisdom . God help us .

  20. TheEschwank02 says:

    his face makes me nauseous.

  21. corina selly says:

    If i didnt know better id say hes seen the error of his ways. Not holding
    my breath though.

  22. MajesticBrahmarshi says:

    He looks like a dickhead…..

  23. Pfffffft says:


  24. Healiosphere Æ says:

    left and right are two different species..

  25. Patrick li says:

    The guy is a fucking cartoon character

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