Pretty Little Liars 2×14 Promo #2 “Through Many Dangers,Toils and Snares” Winter Premiere

ALL NEW PROMO – Abcfamily – Trailer – your thoughts im like :OOO – Subscribe? – Sneak Peek of winter season!

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  1. mountiebasketball22 says:

    When is that ezria hug in the rain gonna happen???

  2. xliljuliet says:

    @Obsessedwiffyou i thought it was melissa too because she’s kinda scary, she’s all bitchy and mean and out to destroy spencer one second and then she’s all happy and pregnant and protective of spencer her “baby sis” she’s seriously a psycho! lol

  3. MoonseeVEVO says:

    the one that dies: ?
    dissapears: hanna or lucas
    exposed: toby, he fell down of a thing because spencer get close to him

  4. Obsessedwiffyou says:

    @TheDoctorwho747 Ali does have a twin because in 2×13 when she was in her room u see 3 pics. 1 of Jason and 2 of blond girls also there was a sign on the wall in French and if u translate it l, it talks about the joys of being a twin

  5. TheDoctorwho747 says:

    The Halloween episode basically gave us big answers without actually saying them. First as we suspected there are two A’s as we saw two different people in the A costume at the party in the end. There had two be more than one cuz one person could not pull this off. And something unexpected is that story Allison was telling about the twins in the beginning was not just a story. Allison was talking about her twin. Note the car 4:37 into the show I think she was released and is A

  6. ninetyninegirl4 says:

    OH NO TOBY!!!! thumbs up if he’s the #1 reason why u watch this show

  7. DiscoveringA says:

    I love how you can see Mike’s blue underwear at about 0:13, yet that scene didn’t make it on television in that angle. I swear, the modesty of actors these days… The episode itself though, AMAZING and HEART-POUNDING.

  8. marianap20 says:

    heyyy i watched this episode but it seems like some of the scenes weren’t in itt and no one died I’m i the only one orr… please help!

  9. grangertheweasely says:


  10. LightlyLexi says:

    @gleekshavethepower Yeah I like Caleb too, I hope stupid Garret dies, or Ezra’s ex-girlfriend!

  11. gleekshavethepower says:

    @LightlyLexi noooo caleb cannot die i dont want either of them to die

  12. gleekshavethepower says:

    i heard that lucas is either going to go missing or die

  13. yahyush says:

    Emily! <3

  14. megarocker56 says:

    i get chills whenever i watch this

  15. Obsessedwiffyou says:

    @mdrx168 I think it Melissa Message me if you want details

  16. missgumboy123 says:

    Ok, Everyone, I live in a different country so it aired early. TRUST ME! This is an episode that you’ll want to remember! THIS EPISODE REVEALS SO MUCH! Ahhh! PLL fan forever!

  17. mdrx168 says:

    Guys I know who A is! It’s really Toby! Think about it. Rewatch this and compare Toby’s jacket and pants and hands when he fell and compare it to the hoodie in the end! Good luck if it’s wrong guys! 😉

  18. youhaveamessagex says:

    @OfficialCheesecake This is promo for the whole season, not only 2×14.

  19. ClaraStarklin says:

    I read in a spoiler that Lucas is the one who goes missing :O

  20. LightlyLexi says:

    @OfficialCheesecake Yes! And they wouldn’t kill Toby if he goes to the hospital, that’d be bad writing– I think either Lucas or Caleb will die… I hope not Lucas!!!

  21. PatchesOfBluex says:

    farrrrrk. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Ezra+Aria!

  22. MrsLautnerForever1 says:


  23. lunabelle888 says:

    Ezria will be exposed.. I hope Toby doesn’t die, and i have no idea who will go missing :/

  24. lunabelle888 says:

    omg! Will Toby die??? D:

  25. yuumi221 says:

    @ClaraStarklin Toby isn’t going to die!

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