Press Conference: The Social Network / Jesse Eisenberg / Andrew Garfield / Justin Timberlake

www.thefancarpet.com The stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake talk about their new film ‘The Social Network’ that tells the story of the faces behind Facebook at the London Press Conference,
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  1. 49redskies says:

    @emsx0xx Jesse needs to marry Andrew :P:P

  2. Multi9124 says:

    I love how many times Jesse goes, “uhm….”

  3. avalokitha says:

    I can watch andrew and jesse talk for hours and not get bored but when justin opens his mouth i want to him shut up him already. Something about him.. his voice. Him trying to be clever. Not working at all.

  4. Dynamic3DLtd says:

    Such an awesome film, I loved all the key characters in this film, especially Eduardo, Mark, Sean.

  5. MissPieMFC says:

    the “morse code” sounds a lot like what happens to my speakers whenever my best friend has her phone on while over.

  6. DearPrudence5678 says:

    I love Jesse’s smile

  7. emmalads2 says:

    Eduardo? my dear friend i think you mean Andrew Garfield

  8. sinaain says:

    @lalisSVDW No, you don’t automatically get the citizenship of the country you were born in. Some countries do it, but most don’t. Normally you get the citizienship of your parents and you can apply for another if you live in that country (but some countries don’t do double citizenship). The US is an exception in giving everyone who was born their citizenship but if I remember correctly you have at some point to live there before your 18 if you don’t want to lose it.

  9. kickdrumheart says:

    Do you idiots know how to use Google? Andrew was born in Los Angeles to a British mom and American dad. He has dual citizenship and considers himself American AND British. This is all available on his Wiki page but don’t strain yourselves by doing a simple Google search.

  10. oneawesomefreak1 says:

    “I did have a Facebook as Andrew Garfield…I made no friends…no one was interested…”
    Andrew’s laugh<33

  11. MsTizzle96 says:

    Hungry young men…just gonna leave that there.
    They are the most beautiful smart talented people on the face of this planet.
    I love Andrew and Jesse they are so funny

  12. jumpforjoy6 says:

    @millard27 his dad is american actually

  13. millard27 says:

    No, just no.

  14. lalisSVDW says:

    @millard27 obvioooo siii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your nationality comes from whatever country u were born in… that baby would be ethiopian…. then it would be registered in his/her country and have both nationalities… look it up

  15. millard27 says:

    No, technically he isn’t American. Both his parents are British, he is British. IF you have American parents, theoretically, but when your mothers was pregnant she went on holiday to Ethiopia she gave birth to you, that doesn’t make you, the baby Ethiopian.

  16. Tokyorosebiz says:

    Check out My Place by Tokyo Rose it will give you a good laugh about Social Networking

  17. okonh0wp says:

    I wonder what Eduardo is doing in real life and if Eduardo met Andrew

  18. VampireMarshmellow says:

    Awwh :’) Andrew always stutters in interveiws <3

  19. nekolove1985 says:

    jesse so cute

  20. 3Glimpse3 says:


  21. emsx0xx says:

    jesse needs to marry me

  22. yvettemitchell123 says:

    @lesterliu da fuck.

  23. crazy01girl says:

    @iAmJcVee that’s what i say every time i see him

  24. iAmJcVee says:

    omg andrew.

  25. ashoftomorrow says:

    @denwo1982 wiki JavaScript. 🙂 Most quality websites use those kinds of functions all the time? The character of Mark asks Eduardo (an Econ major and a Harvard student, basically, a nerd) for the formula, the Elo rating system, that was developed by a skilled chess player to compare the relative skill of chess players. He uses it in his website to compute&predict the “hotness” rating based on ratings. The idea is that it was more sophisticated than sites like hotornot because it’s relative.

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