PPC Classroom 3.0 Review I Best Bonus

PPC Classroom 3.0 Review I Best Bonus

Article by kkkalita

After long time in underground development, Anik Singal and Amit Mehta are finally releasing PPC Classroom 3.0 on November 3rd 2009.

PPC Classroom 3 is reopening on 3rd Nov 2009 from the desk of AnikSingal and Amit Mehta.Afetr the Huge success of PPC Classroom v1 andPPC Classroom 2.0,this time Amit and Anik have come with some latest techniques about PPC and videos.

What does Amit says about PPC Classroom 3?

“Anik and I have been working LONG and HARD for last several months now developing PPC Classroom 3.0.

I gotta tell you it’s BLOWS PPC Classroom 2.0 out of the water. Here’s a sneak peak at PPC Classroom 3.0 + a FREE report revealing some of my top ppc affiliate strategies, including one I’ve NEVER publicly reveal before”

Now whats new in PPCClassroom 3.0?

PPC Classroom 3 is a package of some fully integrated tool.

* Ads Creator * Ads Manager * Commutator * Keywords Suggestion * Keywords Grouper * Campaign Builder

Who are the guys behind PPCClassroom 3.0 ?

Well, they are Anik singal and Amit Mehta the supre affiliate marketer.

If you are in IM community for a while then you must be aware with these famous name.They have already gifted lots of great and quality products to IM community.

Amit Mehta : Amit Mehta started his Internet Business in 2005 March with zero profit at the beginning.In September 2005,he stumbled upon Google Adwords and PPC Marketing in general. He began to devour every book regarding PPC Affiliate Marketing. Within 4 months, He was able to grow his online business, managing to make ,000 in profits for the month of December 2005.

Anik Singal : Anik Singal is the co founder of Lurn.inc.Anik Singal is an entrepreneur that founded The Affiliate lassroom back in 2004. He is also an affiliate training consultant.

Anik is mostly known for his Affiliate Classroom membership site. With the site, he has created a virtual training center to provide an education for marketers of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. Over the last few years, the information he has provided inside the site has made him one of the most respected industry leaders in the field of affiliate marketing.

etc etc…

For PPC Classroom 3.0 best Bonus stay tunned.

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