PPC Classroom 2.0 from Anik Singal

Bigmarketingonline.com Anik Singal is releasing PPC Classroom 2.0 shortly with Fields Marshall on how to kill it with pay per click. www.bigmarketingonline.com

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  1. ukdaynes says:

    I’ve been scammed by ppc classroom themselves. I signed up and paid for the post and packaging $9.97 and thought I would also get the extra DVDs for a discounted price´╗┐ of $147. but after doing so I didn’t get any conformation email. I spoke to ppc classroom via support and was told I had not paid them. My credit card company have confirmed they have received my money so I have attempted to communicate this to ppc classroom support. They have stopped replying to my emails

  2. dcsterlin says:

    Thanks for sharing.´╗┐ You said just the right thing. Im on it!


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