Power Of Social Media

Social media marketing is a addition to personal, small business, corporate, and non-profit organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. Integra…
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  1. Ditty Lulu says:

    Maybe you’ll be agree, if it doesn’t really happen with a new Start Up or
    small business with a new account on social media (if organic). So, to
    increase the numbers of engagement in social media for a new business, they
    have to increase it with, back to the traditional way, Ads. Like FB Ads,
    Twitter Ads, Google Ads, and also take a cost for online-banner in another
    website for Brand Awareness. Yes, take a Social Media Marketing is a good
    addition for combining the traditional way of IMC. So I believe that Social
    Media Marketing is one of significant steps to develop the business.

  2. ShreeKrishna Acharya says:

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    successful way for you to make much more cash fast.

  3. Salah Ahmed says:

    that is true social media really powerful , it will change our world

  4. Erik Andersson says:

    The old media is dying in front of our faces. This is the time for the
    people to speak up and oppose the ongoing white genocide that is called
    “diversity”, “integration” and “multiculturalism” and carried out through
    mass immigration and forced assimilation to all white countries and only
    white countries

  5. Spook SEO says:

    I also believe that mobile internet will eventually dominate and one of the
    top reasons for this is because of social media. People stay online because
    they are most of the time logged in their social media accounts. Social
    media today is considered one of the most effective tool for marketing and
    that already includes advertising and SEOing.

  6. EverSpark Interactive says:

    Even in 2011, it was recognized that 30% of the global workforce would be
    mobile by 2013. The increased use of mobile devices has greatly contributed
    to the large scale use of social media. All organizations should recognize
    this potential and take the necessary steps to include social media in
    their SEO and marketing campaigns.

  7. Mark West says:

    i would go 2 the user channel page & try 2 contact them directly about fair
    use. Also it depends on what type of conference it is ie whether its 4
    businesses 4 education 4 nonprofits or 4 other organizations. Finally
    normally speaking unless its the official business/creators page that
    states the copyright & fair use policies or it is covered via the majority
    of CC (Creative Commons) licensing

  8. sjors van holst says:


  9. ajarnbrian4 says:

    geo wells please keep your comments out of here unless you are focussing on
    the video. They are racist, offensive and don’t belong in the modern world.

  10. obrew1 says:

    I am presenting at a conference regarding social media and would like to
    use this video to help introduce the topic. Please let me know if this is
    ok – fair use and full credit intended. Many thanks!

  11. youaretheone58 says:

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    direction tin order to gain you traffic as well as will earn u a lot. I
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  12. MyPageDotCom says:

    Every single thing about this video is now true. Countless companies are
    putting up their business using the Internet and they are successful in
    doing so. They cannot be blamed because the audience share on the Internet
    is just impossible. Millions of views can be achieved if a content is
    really interesting and catchy.

  13. OnlineJobs99 says:

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  14. geo wells says:

    Look closely. We have 1. Non-whites herded into White countries in massive
    numbers. 2.Border laws porously “enforced”; AND: 3.Integration by Law 4.
    Racial “preferences” to non-whites 5.”Tolerance” 6. Socially engineered
    assimilation of Whites with non-whites. Diversity is another word for White
    genocide. How is this not white genocide: forced immigration, forced
    tolerance, coerced assimilation, then overtime, the not the end of white
    people? Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white.

  15. Suhaib M says:

    This is a fantastic video! I do share with people during my training in
    Dubai/Abu Dhabi- UAE for a eCommerce Marketing training.

  16. jasnek singh says:

    which software did u use?

  17. jwright7117 says:

    This is a great video! Is it possible to view this video from another
    source than Youtube? I would like my students in Shanghai to watch this for
    a Marketing course I am teaching.

  18. occupyjacobsstraat says:

    hay, can I use your video for illustration in my web? No infringement
    intended and your account name is shown under the video thumbnail.

  19. Eric Roane says:

    A lot of good info

  20. Mark West says:

    ohhh btw im almost certain that this isnt original content & was created by
    some1 else so that definitely complicates the copyright and fair use
    policies. Probably should try 2 find the original

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  25. Beatrice Carolyne says:

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