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Sharing things we like with those closest to us is a normal part of life. And since so much of our lives is online these days, it makes sense that we’re sharing more and more stuff there all the time. But here’s the thing. In real life, we keep really tight control of who we share things with. So a hilarious new video you might share with everyone, but…embarrassing vacation photos? Definitely NOT. But when we go online it’s really hard for us to control who sees what. Epipheo Studios shows you how Posterous Spaces lets you create multiple secure, permanent spaces that you share only with the people you invite. Visit posterous.com to start sharing today.

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  1. z0diacDe says:

    Google+ and even FB is better: You can decide for each single media who exactly should see it. The Strength of “Spaces” is Posterous: Share at a single place and let posterous do handle the distribution. That’s a great feature, but it was already before Spaces..

    I still don’t understand what’s the “new” or “better” stuff in Spaces.

    Posterous was great, Spaces is “yet another social network” with a lot less features compared to the standard networks..

  2. Suwon89 says:

    this is just exactly like google+

  3. Jonez001 says:

    Eh, sorry guys but what is Google + then?

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