Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Walkthrough Part 40: Recruiting Groudon!

I finally recruit the legendary Pokemon, Groudon! Subscribe if you enjoy my videos! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 Played by TheFlyingSkarmory www.youtube.com Team PokePimps: WeaselFur – Cubone [Ground] Duskfur – Pikachu [Electric] Full Game Walkthrough in HD Thanks for watching guys, hope you enjoy! Playlist: www.youtube.com
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  1. ultragroundon902 says:

    i can’t believe u didnt SAVE! X_X

  2. ultragroundon902 says:

    oh, so i have to fight alone to recruit?

    -please reply

  3. ultragroundon902 says:

    hey TheFlyingSkarmory exacltly wut lvl. do we have to be to recruit???

  4. DABS139 says:

    Does anyone have Soul Silver and a Groudon they’d be willing to trade or even just lend? I have Heeart Gold, need a Groudon to get Rayquaza. I’d be thankful if anyone would trade or lend me their Groudon.

  5. TheFlyingSkarmory says:

    No, he gives you his friend arena upon recruiting.

  6. salcalderon2000 says:

    i need his place to recruit ?

  7. TheMrGnomeragn says:

    not all bad luck with recruiting =p

  8. siikfilipino69090 says:

    1st viewer

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