Pockie pirates advanced call recruiting enel!!!

pockie pirates advanced call recruiting enel !!! 2013

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  1. jackissa45 says:


  2. Rivalx5 says:

    also got mihawk !!!

  3. Rivalx5 says:

    well, it works!!! please subscribe and like!!!

  4. TheSamir539 says:

    lol i just guessed

  5. Rivalx5 says:

    Please subscribe!

  6. Rivalx5 says:

    How did you know?!!! it was the fourth lol!!!!

  7. TheSamir539 says:

    4th card

  8. Rivalx5 says:

    hover over the crew you want and very fast click advanced !!! i did that and it worked!!! i hope it works for you mate!!!

  9. Dug gy says:

    is there any rituals you can advice to me coz i cant get good crew =( how to get that enel

  10. Rivalx5 says:

    Thanks mate i use hypercam 3 i gave out a free license key it works forever check my other videos!!!

  11. Rivalx5 says:


  12. Rivalx5 says:

    Thanks Guys and i use hypercam 3 if you check my other videos i published a free hypercam 3 license key that works for ever!!!!

  13. Dug gy says:

    GRATS!! what cam you use to record that bro

  14. Seby Tarabuta says:


  15. Rivalx5 says:


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