Playing Naked ;-)

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  1. MsJeyTD says:

    haha, love the ending

  2. Julie H says:

    I’d love to play with you naked 🙂 lol

  3. Alex Lynn says:

    I only liked cuz he cute

  4. MrRonb10 says:

    Gotta Love you

  5. Filmstudent says:

    I subscribed BOTH of his channels and I’m a guy!

  6. andreacortes199888 says:

    Hot lol

  7. ValeBeautyChannel says:

    This guy is seriously full of himself, I know he is kinda cute, and let’s be honest, all of his subscribers are girls, and they see him because he’s cute….by the way am a girl

  8. nicedude1211 says:

    he fine ass hell

  9. HayleyIreland6 says:

    whats kinda cameraa

  10. Bri Kirsten says:

    Of course I wanna play with you naked!!!:) haha jk

  11. reagan howard says:


  12. GracieeLPS says:

    So hot

  13. taurean33 says:

    ur just so gorgeous and funny O.o

  14. Andrew Michael says:

    Such a babe.

  15. CoolVideoWatcher101 says:

    cinnamon challenge with u + Joey <3 hehe x

  16. BeautiQueen07 says:


  17. BsophieeeB says:

    love all your videos!!

  18. chlogan4lyf says:

    you’ve changed since you first started videos, you’re so vain now

  19. MsCookieluver123 says:

    Your wink omg 😉

  20. PrestigeBitch says:

    You are sooooooo cute!!

  21. TCOC16 says:

    Love the lightning!!!!!!

  22. MsDoctorFalcon says:

    Way to one up Joey, shirtless gaming into naked gaming…

  23. carleycowden17 says:

    Keep wearing the hats, they do great things for you!!

  24. Angelina Elena says:

    Sawyer looks hot in this video o.o

  25. wedinos says:

    you smile every single second of your videos. <3 love that, more smiles and laughs to the world.

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