Platinum Mastermind: Costa Rica, 2014

Sneak preview of the Platinum 2014 Mastermind. Want to come? First step, is to join My Top Tier Business: http://mytoptierbusiness.com/letter.

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  1. Deborah Robertson says:

    I will be there — how about you? ´╗┐

  2. Scott Oliver says:

    Welcome to my home country – If you want more information about Costa Rica,
    please see WeLoveCostaRicaDotCom´╗┐

  3. Bill Rainier says:

    Great video, Matt! Looking forward to “Platinum masterminding” with you and
    all the others in Costa Rica!

  4. Andrea Robinson says:

    Jacob, were you able to get what you were looking for?

  5. Misha Wilson says:

    When is this happening in 2014?

  6. Jacob Koch says:

    it won’t allow me to go to the website

  7. Matt Lloyd says:

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