Picking Winning Numbers in the Princess Margaret Lottery Has Better Odds

Picking Winning Numbers in the Princess Margaret Lottery Has Better Odds

Article by Judd Zephr

Picking Winning Numbers in the Princess Margaret Lottery Has Better Odds

This Lottery is a popular lottery draw in and around the Toronto area. It offers some amazing top prizes with, relatively, good odds because only a limited number of tickets are sold.

Tammie Pinnock works for City TV in Toronto. She works for the TV station as a news writer. City TV has a morning show called Breakfast Television where the do the Princess Margaret Lottery draw live. Tammie Pinnock might have actually been in the studio while the draw was taking place. She had bought a ticket, so she would have been interested in the draw. And, as luck would have it, Tammie actually won the grand prize.

Tammie Pinnock’s prize consisted of a 6,226 square foot mansion in Woodbridge, Ontario (20 minutes from Toronto), a 2009 BMW 323i, and ,000 in cash. The total prize was worth .6 million.

Tammie Pinnock says she just couldn’t believe that she had won the Princess Margaret Lottery. She had never in her life even been in such a big house and she says that her entire apartment could fit into the kitchen; that’s how big the house really is!

The other big winners in the Princess Margaret Lottery draw from the May 27, 2009 draw are:

Steve Wilson: .5 million houseRobert Coates: 0,000 houseVictoria Webber: 0,000 houseLouis Zuccala: 0,000 houseRobert Bernardi: 0,000 houseMohan Mann: 0,000 cashLaura Humphrey: 0,000 cashJennifer & Chris Kinber: 0,000 cash

Congratulations to all of the winners. And, even if you bought a ticket and didn’t win a prize, the proceeds of the Princess Margaret lottery goes to help cancer research. Cancer research helps everybody, so everybody’s a winner.

Can you imagine how good you will feel when you win?

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