Pheed: The Most Popular Social Network

Pheed has been around for months now, and has recently became the #1 free social netowrking app in the app store. Annie takes a look at the many features of …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. treshawn wilson says:

    just made mine! follow me?@TreTheBro´╗┐

  2. Fritz Gerald says:

    Subscribe to my feed ­čÖé @fritzgvs´╗┐

  3. Noha Fathi says:
  4. Johnny Johnson says:

    Follow me on pheed @flyguyjohnny´╗┐

  5. Geno V says:

    Good review. I’m just tired of the same thing repackaged. Not going to
    download it.

  6. mahoat says:

    Most likely NOT!! people like “Phree” services, and facebook and twitter
    are already there, so to compete they should at least have that attribute

  7. jonnyh1994 says:

    I can see pheed turning into a hybrid of facebook/twitter/porn website

  8. Michael Harrolle says:

    Next big thing? No.

  9. Antonjlavey says:

    No it won’t

  10. Agung Dananjaya says:

    too many social network app..

  11. DrtyJoystick says:

    Yeah, no.

  12. Ramuk says:

    420.. hehe

  13. Solo- Johnson says:

    No! And yes Porn is the only thing people will #

  14. Moaz Bambi says:

    Pheed, hah? Yeeeeeah, no.. that’s not gonna happen.

  15. anthonyd5189 says:

    I dont need more social networks to keep up with. Facebook and Twitter take
    up enough of my time.

  16. brayam sanchez says:


  17. TheRealtalk617 says:

    Ha nobody is going top pay for this crap, It has fail written all over it

  18. Electro says:

    Annie a fanboy??? Come on @MrYxuz she hardly looks like a male. Fangirl is

  19. TelevisaPresenta2012 says:

    Pheed is Awesome

  20. Robbie Keith says:

    Says a virgin.

  21. Chris k says:

    Lol, sorry Annie i’m not gonna subscribe to you on pheed ­čÖü I would if
    you’ve set it to free.

  22. chrizbie says:

    Phuck that

  23. DylRob15 says:

    No. Just no. Not paying for what I have free already.

  24. MrYxuz says:

    Annie such apple fanboy, only introduces ios apps

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