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Double your Productivity. Get more things done and win plus take 4 more days a month off. www.theperrybelcherletter.com This is my version of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. Perry Belcher Time management is one of the most important aspects in online marketing. However, if you want to get your tasks done on time with efficiency, you have got to manage your time effectively by making sure that you are not spending more time on a single thing or issue. If you know how to manage your time excellently, your productivity will soon be increased. You would be glad to know that, in this post I am going to tell you how to double your productivity. 1. Use Time Management Software Using time management software is vital if you want to keep track of how much time you spend daily on which thing. However, with time management software, you can create a Memo of your ongoing tasks and you can also set time. When you start your work on a task, choose “start work” icon of the software and it will track how much time you are spending. Try to concentrate on each and every task daily and most importantly don’t spend much time on a single thing. 2. Set Your Goals: As an online marketer, you need to set your goals to boost your productivity. Don’t try to set long-term goals. Try to set short-term goals and if necessary break them into monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Set your goals and focus on getting your desired result through your hard work and enthusiasm. 3. Make a To-Do List: In
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  1. adi2413 says:

    can i marry you??? 

  2. WesleyGW says:

    Love your stuff , man! Here’s a gentle nudge to get back on that horse! We want more Perry, we want more Perry!!!! LOL Have a great week man! Consider this my little post it note to you…..

  3. WesleyGW says:

    Love your stuff , man! Here’s a gentle nudge to get back on that horse! We want more Perry, we want more Perry!!!! LOL Have a great week man!

  4. flasher555 says:

    Interesting, I’ll try it for sure. Thank you for this wonderful vid.

  5. TanMan97 says:

    hey i liked the vid!!

  6. jaylaine74 says:

    nice channel and videos, check me out too.. 🙂

  7. johnrappexaminer says:

    hey have you tried Speed

  8. mikegiacometto says:

    Great Video Perry. Off to by the little post-it stickers now!

  9. BeanangelTreon says:

    the complimentary vlc media player has a audio compression at same pitch capability If UI were cleverer I could make it a video presenter on youtube then listen to those 30 minute tedtalks at 7 minutes each with higher comprehension

    I read research that says people comprehend compressed audio at more than 7 times possibly 30 times with practice (I actually think it said that) speedup with the right pitch tone

    anyway if I had a 11 hourse set of video courses I would use vlc to rapidview

  10. AbdeelMarketing says:

    Great idea Perry. I’ve embedded this video into my blog. It was the perfect folow-up to a recent post by a guest blogger on the importance of time management.

  11. maggietopiah says:

    hehe your funny ! going to try it !

  12. nickknows says:

    I’m getting a notebook, since it seems very obvious that writing down everything that you want to do/need to do (especially creative ideas) will be a great benefit to organization and productivity. Enjoy your videos, have a good one.

  13. brandonbert says:

    Thanks Perry! (I will have to try this.) Also, I have closed a few sales with the Belcher button. I like your energy. You are like a cross between Don Lapre and Drew Carey. Both being very charismatic.

  14. carbondec says:

    I will end up having a huge green board, with all green post-it notes – due to all those unimportant thoughts. 🙂

  15. RussellSpeed says:

    Great job Perry, good explanation and use of props.
    I’m not certain what your source was, but it does remind me a lot of the GTD method.
    Everytime, I’ve ever gotten on top of things and written down I was certainly more effective, so I do know your ideas work; they just take a lot of practice too! ;o)

  16. chrisrowley1 says:


  17. 86rishabh says:

    looking for a Productivity experts, meet them on Ezdia , its a Social networking site. Catch experts live

  18. MrCoolChannel says:

    He’s not keeping up the good work because he’s in the internet marketing business any more cuz he realised his CRIMINAL reputation was still following him around like a ghost from the past !!!!!!!

    He’s not talking about anything new.

  19. PeterSandhuMoneyMan says:

    Hi Perry, Great Video. I Love the post-it note ideas and will try them out right away.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. thepenelopecox says:

    Hey, Great Ideas. I read the book “The Effective Executive” and one comment in there helped to change the way I structure my day, and it is “do the most important item, first.” Which everyone has heard, but putting that into practice, does take practice. Because, for some reason we always want to start the day with the easy stuff to get them out of the way. But say “no” to that kind of practice. Prioritize and do the most important thing, first. Perry, who’re the best.

    Penelope Cox…………

  21. jdisanzo says:

    Muy bueno!!! Lo voy a usar y te cuento!

  22. TheWebDocent says:

    sounds very good.

  23. Eucana1974 says:

    Love Perry teachings. It really amuses me. Thanks, Perry.

    Eucana – Brazil Sao Paulo

  24. paulsanchez says:

    Did you base this on GTD? I like post it idea. thanks for posting.

  25. ivonnamfhm says:

    Hey Perry Thanks for the neat tips, I’ll have to try this out, I’ve been flooding that crappy little program called Notepad with all things to do..writing them down on posted notes sounds much better!

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