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Perpetual Traffic & what I like most about it

What I like most about perpetual traffic. This short video explains what is most important to me when it comes to perpetual traffic on the Interweb Tubes. 🙂 Learn more from the master of perpetual traffic, Ryan Deiss over at If you like the video I made (on short notice) making videos like this for people who market on the web is part of my business. You can contact me through my site here:
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I am a beginner and feel overwhelmed by loads of new information.
I had no idea I had to create traffic snd it has taken a while for me to “get it”.
Normally I would hve had to give this out for oneone to do for me.
Now, with the training and support I feel I can do this on my own and be more in control of my business.

Thanks! I used:

• Sound Studio for dialog recording
• Keynote for creating the basic presentation
• Motion for video compositing the shots of my kids
• Screenflow for capturing the whole thing
• Garageband for adding sound FX and background track

I work on a Mac (as you can tell from my software selection) but I’m sure there are Windows equivalents to all of these titles.

Really cool creative video. I’m a student in college taking some flash, video and animiation courses cause I love working with the media and I like seeing creative examples of how video can be used online. Did you create this with Flash or Power Point? I also luv learning new techniques.

You can get me via Facebook (I’m the only Hans Haskell there) or through the contact form on the Fieldgate Media site.

Thanks, Cary! I enjoy the creative process, which hopefully shows in my videos. I do video for companies like Cisco and HP as well as for individuals and small businesses. If you want something like this for your sites, contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

This is a really professional video Hans. Great design, content, pace and all about the subject. Way to go. I only hope that we will be able to do something similar for our sties.

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