Perfman HR – Getting Off To A Good Start With A New Recruit

Perfman HR – Getting Off To A Good Start With A New Recruit

Article by Atin Dasgupta

perfmanhr-new-recruit-recruitment-company-mumbaiHiring candidates who are currently employed can be tricky, since they still owe a certain loyalty to the company they are leaving. To avoid being drawn into litigation, make it clear to applicants that you expect them to honor their obligations. If your new employee has access to confidential information and relationships with customers in her current job, you may want to make a list of actions to be avoided and send it to her.GETTING OFF TO A GOOD START WITH A NEW EMPLOYEE

Getting an employee established in a new job could take some time on your part, but it is time well spent. A worker who feels comfortable and welcome will be motivated and productive. Many large companies offer orientation sessions at the corporate level if not always at the departmental level. If your business does, so much the better. Still, every job is unique, and you need to anticipate the information, facilities, and services that your new employee will need during his first weeks on the job.

Take care of basics as soon as possible. Make the arrangements necessary for setting up and furnishing an office, cubicle, or desk or other workspace. In large companies, this may mean contacting other departments to line up a computer, e-mail account, phone, and office keys. Beyond that, new-employee orientation has three facets: familiarizing the employee with corporate policies and procedures; showing him around your office and making introductions, as well as familiarizing him with your building and your neighborhood, so that he knows where to find local services; and getting him started on the job.The Official Line

During a formal orientation, make sure the employee knows about all company policies and procedures. Begin by reviewing working hours

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