“Pentagon Attack On Social Media”: Influencing Propaganda & Predictive Behavior

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  1. zehnsechz says:

    Chris, this is why phillip k dick is considered prophetic

  2. hopenchrist777 says:

    The Government and media has been playing so many games or “Psyops”, it has become difficult to trust anyone who is informing us the “truth”. Thank you for telling everyone not to trust anyone and to conduct the research themselves. Keep up the good work! Thank you again for being a leader in the battle of TRUTH and REALITY of our current situation.

  3. hopenchrist777 says:

    @PhilippineAmerican Let’s hope enough people wake up to see the truth of your comment. I hope this is the case. Thank you for the post!

  4. awshucks says:

    Making bots to undertake the work of the current back end boiler rooms established to push memes and subversion.

  5. KJLesnick says:

    Do you have any links regarding the development of these predictive algorithms to determine how people will react in a given situation assuming they aren’t classified.

  6. awshucks says:

    As ‘social media’ itself is a Pentagon construct…I find this premise laughable.

    Take googles ‘conditioningtube’ as an example. A more complete updating of the old Catholic Action rags of the 1920’w through 1940’s, conditioning youth to hatreds and base ignorance, would be hard to find elsewhere.

    Hmmmm, the Pentagon…a copy of an old Italian castle belonging to the Farnese/Borgia clan. Hmmmm, the Borgia…parent of the Jesuit Order.

  7. rich111272 says:

    And the latest propaganda furnished by the government is that tea partiers, veterans, and civilian white people are potential terrorists. All for pre-conditioning the public in believing as such until the next false-flag attack happens. Don’t be caught up in the hype!

  8. modok1313 says:

    @PaulbylPaulbyl lol

  9. beyondthelol says:

    there is one thing they can never control against your will – and that is your life when your holding a gun. if it ever comes to that, fight for your rights till death, dont bow down and become assimilated into the masses.

  10. Shockofsanta says:

    They were testing some ideas in Britain and feeling the publics reaction to to a proposed clamp down on the internet/social media sites during “unrest.” Total psy-op.

    Create the problem.
    Incite a reaction.
    Provide the solution.

  11. HazeWaveTV says:

    @PhilippineAmerican Alot of us are already there, when I watch MSM I view it as comedy, they are jokes.

  12. PaulbylPaulbyl says:

    Chris, I just run an algorithmic model on your expressions in this video and the result was you are heading toward public speaking to build an unstoppable movement to save this country.

  13. PaulbylPaulbyl says:

    Thanks for attaching links to the articles!

  14. vivaloriflamme says:

    @TheStriker40 Maybe you should make a video about that.

  15. onlyathought1 says:

    one thing to know the softwares used to create this mayhem are now in the hands of anyone with enough money and are being used to target our children. we must warn parents to get their kids off all social media immediately ! our brains can turn to mush when trying to comprehend the madness imagine what would happen to an undeveloped mind!

  16. orenofhowick says:

    That said, there is doubt and we should be careful. Particularly I’d be careful of the infamous wikileaks file that needs a decryption. If they’re not to be trusted it could contain a virus targeted at people like us, so be suspicious if the encryption is released with fanfare so that people unlock it simultaneously.

  17. orenofhowick says:

    Big picture: wikileaks made the wars look ugly, and wrong. wikileaks inspired people in the alternative media. We haven’t released much juicy top-level dirt, no, but then its not like they’ve given CIA files and we shouldn’t assume they have been.

    No BOA info so far, but perhaps wiki-threats were enough to stop a conspiracy such as loading it with toxic debts and then dumping it. Perhaps we should be patient. So far, wikileaks are the good guys, lets not abandon our own.

  18. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    HAARP, GWEN Towers, ELF waves, nanobots, chemtrails = mass population control & MORE! Can manipulate peoples’ minds, from individuals to groups which BTW we ALL have witnessed within the past 6 months alone. THINK ABOUT IT! All those countries in the Middle East just happened to lose it at or around the same time frame!!? C’mon! I mean REALLY PEOPLE. It’s blatantly obvious. Operation Lone Wolf is MKUltra. Think about it.

  19. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    Hi Chris. Great job – as usual!

  20. delindsay90210 says:

    @TheStriker40 They certainly can with high altitude EMP. No electronics = no communications and most civilian equipment has no shielding against EMP. Not that Military gear is much better as most of it is vastly untested in a real theatre of war.

  21. delindsay90210 says:

    @PhilippineAmerican Predictable, you mean like the DOJ launching an investigation into S&P’s ratings of the mortgage securities that lead to the 2008 crisis? And the fact that they launched this investigation not in 2008, but within a week of the US Govt being downgraded LOL. I’m gonna call this right now, the DOJ will find S&P guilty of false ratings and force them to reinstate our AAA rating or “face legal action on the previous bad ratings”. You wait, it’ll happen.

  22. rockthewalk says:

    so accordingly, i shouldnt trust you with what you say?

  23. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    . . .and we are all paying for the tool of our enslavement.

  24. apox2011now says:

    MLK, Kennedy, X -they killed all of them.

    Assange was bullcrap.

    Ependable container, useless eater, humanoid – scumbag elite terms for people.

  25. TheStriker40 says:

    Even if the gov shuts done cell phones or the net,theres always the old peer to peer modem thru the land lines and wireless devices an also ham radios and cb radios.handheld radios.I suggest everyone go buy a cb radio just for times like this.The gov cant control the airwaves.

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