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Is Facebook violating your privacy? Or is Facebook just a business that the government should stay out. You are only as private as you want to be.
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  1. MrSenerium says:

    If we didn’t have stupid laws like facebook gunking up the works on capitol hill, then maybe congressmen would have to read bills like the patriot act and NDAA.

  2. LucisFerre1 says:

    I don’t use Facebook. Not because I’m worried about Facebook selling my personal information, but because the whole god damned sight is about “sharing” your personal information. Twitter is even worse. Twitter is about stalking yourself. WTF?

  3. LucisFerre1 says:

    Congress worrying about facebook is just as bad as congress harassing baseball players over steroids and even legal to use supplements. CONGRESS holding hearings that last YEARS over fucking baseball! A manufactured scandal. It’s not even fixing the world series. It’s whether joe blow voluntarily used a synthetic hormone. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  4. goose1077 says:

    He never says “dot” as in w w w dot domain name

  5. parkerthehicks says:


  6. parkerthehicks says:

    facebook is just a zionist fat cat that caused 9/11

  7. james killa swaqq says:

    my name on facebook is kevin tompkins…..i always wanted to do that lol and i am standing up flicking off the camera:-)

  8. 74jailbreaker says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is a fucking patsy, its a conspiracy. The real truth is that Facebook will ruin us all.

  9. ArsonHQ says:

    14 Days Until The “Full Complete Deletion” The Same Exact Thing With The Facebook Fan Pages, I’ve Experienced That Myself Just As Much As Other People Have Had With Their’s While Being Online On Facebook But The Fan Page Is Actually Still There..But After The 14th Day You Can Permanantly Delete Your Full Facebook Fan Page Or Group, Some People Are Also Having Troubles With “Securing” Their Facebook Accounts After Changing Their Old Passwords Into New Ones When They Try Changing Their Names!!!!!!

  10. Bob You says:

    what about all the major search engines. Most of them only keep your data for a while but Google keeps forever. Google knows all your embarrassing fetishes and dark secrets Also sites log information about you if you visit. So your all screwed anyway. We are all going to jail.

  11. boatner1982 says:

    even if you delete or deactivate your info is still there. check out ideactivated. com and inform yourself. sign the petetion for privacy matters, so you have the right to have your info deleted if you choose.

  12. Slandarich says:

    well said

  13. manbitesdogma11 says:

    BEFORE YOU DEACTIVATE your account,delete all your information,especially pictures. Delete everything you can down to the last letter and picture,or make it private only to you,
    then deactivate the account.

  14. Neonman78 says:

    But it’s still “taken off” the web. All your FB information exists on a server, but when you deactivate it, everything you’ve done on FB gets deleted (for as long as you are off FB).

  15. Martin Phipps says:

    Penn, I don’t see the difference, honestly, between having elected officials discuss regulating Facebook and deciding that they shouldn’t (because they shouldn’t) and people simply talking about it on line. Well then, perhaps we don’t need elected officials anymore: with everybody on line we can all discuss things on line and vote and we don’t need elected officials.

  16. Martin Phipps says:

    Well, except we aren’t quite at the point yet where we can do that and, besides, it discriminates against people who are too busy. Representative democracy is an out dated system but as Winston Churchill said “Democracy is the worst system except for all the rest.”

  17. papermermaid says:

    You have to google “How to permanently delete your facebook”. and a wikihow will show you how to do it.

  18. Kstylero7 says:

    god damn it.
    South park was right with that?

  19. Tyree Miller says:

    Here is what the Mansion should do: Ban Facebook, ban the government, and if it doesn’t do anything about the site, THE POLITICIANS WILL BE DESTROYED FOREVER!!

  20. micago62 says:

    Man….Stand still. Get a stool or something!

  21. VampQueen999 says:

    Just like somebody else on here said, here’s what government should do: SHUT UP AND FUCK OFF.

    Ron Paul 2012 😀

  22. Bob Ferreira says:

    No, it’s not “up” anymore. If you deactivate your Facebook, it can no longer be viewed at all, and no content that is on there can, either. Not without using a cached version of a facebook page. I know this, because I have a deactivated account with a specific URL, and when you go it says “page not found.”

    MANY websites do a “deactivate” instead of delete, to make it easier to come back – which people usually do.

  23. libertarianjury says:

    Penn, are you a supporter of Gary Johnson in 2012? He’s interviewed on Free Talk Live. Check it out. 😀

  24. GayleCmiel says:

    must see live hackbook trick  /watch?v=Fd0di5HFboY

  25. MerlenKunte says:

    steampoweref (dot) com let me hack my GF facebook account 😀

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