Peace Out Girl Scout!

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  1. gabby grzybowski says:

    sayer ihope ur reading this but heyy i love weeds please respond

  2. poeseloetje says:

    If you’re into Breaking Bad and The Wire and like HBO series you should watch the one HBO series that won soooo many freaking awards it’s crazy and the best show ever: The Sopranos. Pretty sure you can watch all of them online but omgggg it’s amazing!!!

  3. LalaJanee1 says:


  4. nchanson says:

    WATCH MANMEN!!!! I just got into this and it’s amazing! Its won Emmys for depicting the 60’s so accurately

  5. XXJuicyMaria24XX says:

    forever in my dreams was my favorite because it was so touching(:

  6. The8Luny8One says:

    Barry the Clown is a favorite of mine, but Forever In My Dreams was really one of the first videos of Sawyer’s that I saw. I think I remember subscribing right after I saw it.

  7. maddiemakeup123 says:

    u r so nice (not)

  8. lolazazful says:

    crrrrybbaby douche bag

  9. LoveAlwaysTaryn says:

    I love the show Workaholics:) It’s hilarious and fuckin amazingg hahah

  10. 9Cullens says:

    Watch Prison Break!! (:

  11. coolLaney says:

    gossip girl 🙂 lol no workaholichs and bones are amazing 🙂

  12. kary hery says:

    lol 😉 maybe…. cause they agree with me!

  13. tinkerbell9110 says:

    Forever in My Dreams was the first video I watched of yours and it’s what made me subscribe. It will forever be my favorite 🙂

  14. Brandy McCarty says:


  15. Brooklynn Bruce says:

    White collar!!! You’ll love it!!

  16. pinksparkles003 says:

    DIRTY,SEXY,MONEY!!!!!!!!!WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

  17. jjrules4eva says:

    just got so giddy when i found you on guys with iphone :’) go on guyswithiphones . com / 2012 / 08 / 239163 / if its not you then you have a twin out there somewhere 🙂

  18. MELxoxo19 says:

    I have to watch tv shows before bed too.. lol weird habits! Trueblood(HBO), epsoides(SHO), entourage(HBO), this might not be your cup of tea but pretty little liars is pretty darn addicting has drama suspense and attractive people (ABCfam).

  19. breezy141 says:

    Wilfred is hilarious! Its awesome. 

  20. missglitzery12 says:

    Greys Anatomy, you need to watch it on netflix instant watching to get to season 7

  21. Jazzysvintagecouture says:

    white collar is pretty good

  22. JACKproductions300 says:

    Twins or Barry, the Clown! I think you should check out “Community” as a show to watch. The entire first season was on netflix (last time I checked) and it’s really well down. Very witty.

  23. GlitterfulDreams says:

    Forever in my Dreams for sure.

  24. MaartjeRozz says:

    Barry the clown!!

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