Payday The Heist Walkthrough Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Goutinator says:

    I played this game and i found well … 2 downsides. 1st you cant control the hostage, i mean you can ask them to follow you, they always have to stay on the ground at the same spot and it’s kinda annoying if you have to trade one of them for your jailed buddy. 2nd you can’t try to do the job silently .. i mean try to be stealthy for as long as you can … for the bank job, to start it you have to unsheathe your weapons, you can ask the bank manager to give you the key without alerting anyone.

  2. EviLMuska says:

    @fngnation So you’re willing to be dishonest to cater to Playstation fanboys? Classy.

  3. fngnation says:

    @ThunderThighs23814 yeah, it’s not too bad. One adjustment you need to make and it’s kind of weird, don’t know if it was in our dev copy but seemed the same on official release: aiming up/down is a tad bit more sensative than aiming left/right. more so when not aiming down sight of course. the sens. settings are just one setting, no split up into x/y sens.

  4. fngnation says:

    6 different heists until the DLC is released.

  5. UNEMPLOYEDxxxxJEDI says:

    How long is the game.

  6. ThunderThighs23814 says:

    Does this game control well?

  7. AzahTheDon says:

    How many MBs is it?

  8. kakashi202 says:

    lol, a 50 second intro, wtf bro. Nice title, it gets more views.

  9. AlzzGraal says:

    How did you get this game early? It’s supposed to come out the 18th.

  10. dsmithinyoface says:

    @methodman3211 no it means they cater to their fans and followers. which is a good thing. if you want that to change then subscribe and let them know you’re PC. never2nv is the only staff member who plays on PC too. I’ve played with him on Steam and Minecraft. They’re active with their community and need more PC Players, then they will cater to ALL.

  11. methodman3211 says:

    @survivalofthefitestv huh

  12. survivalofthefitestv says:

    @methodman3211 lmfao wow. calm dooooooown.

  13. methodman3211 says:

    @SuperZocker666 lawl

  14. SuperZocker666 says:

    @methodman3211 i dont care..
    PS3 FTW woooopiiieeee

  15. methodman3211 says:

    @SuperZocker666 It’s on PC to.

  16. methodman3211 says:

    @fngnation So you Bias your facts to make your fans happy?

  17. bevis498 says:

    Succes for you guess you could rob a bank now lol (:

  18. fngnation says:

    @sektamet Yes we know. 99% of our subscribers are console gamers, why it was stated like this.

  19. sektamet says:

    hey it is on steam/pc

  20. fngnation says:

    @blobak47 no unfortunately not. You’ve played Kane & Lynch I take it? They blended that aspect together pretty well, multiplayer wise anyway. It was something different and fresh, I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe one day with DLC or a sequel they’ll add that ability. I was hoping for that ability to when we first heard of the game a year ago.

  21. blobak47 says:

    is it possible to play as cop?

  22. bevis498 says:

    That looks fun (:

  23. fngnation says:

    @TheKamanick lol no other staff or even user caught that. thanks!

  24. TheKamanick says:

    @fngnation You spelt ‘walkthrough’ wrong.

  25. fngnation says:

    @MrBismark222 Correct, Oct. 18th for US release, 3rd time a release date has been “confirmed” for this game. haha. They had to fix some glitches and issues before they released it.

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